LSR Notes: 11/4/20

7:36 PM

do you think when the USSR was falling apart, people could tell?

or more likely … it fell apart long before anyone said it is dead?

(I think that’s how empires collapse)

(imperceptibly at first – through internal decay)

(and then all at once)

If we are really, really lucky …

what we are seeing is the collapse of the empire.

the “free republic”, if it was ever there, has a chance for rebirth … but not with the yoke of empire.

The USA does not need an empire.

The USA does not need globalism.

(never did)


7:30 PM

Matrix film? – did not free you from the matrix … it drove you inside.

V for Vendetta? – stole rebellion and repackaged it as mob rule.


6:37 PM

People say … “how can this election shit get screwed up?”

And I look at Beans, the deformed and fucked up descendant of the noble wolf …

And I think “can you not see mankind’s folly when it’s staring at you with beady little eyes?”


7:39 AM

It’s not just that Beans is eating Norie’s cat poo …

Norie, likely, has brain cancer – she has a “8 ball” right eye … like Uncle Ruckus.

So Beans is basically eating brain cancer poo.


4:47 AM

In 1993 … the Clinton Administration:

  1. Gave Scientology tax exempt status


  1. Used overwhelming federal force to DESTROY the Branch Davidians …

Tell me again that the FEDs are not connected to #Scientology.