LSR Notes: 11/3/20

7:00 PM

I’m a Christian, and I’m very skeptical of “Jehova’s Witness” …

But let’s talk about “shunning” and “disconnecting”.

In my own life I’ve seen people shunned because they were poor … saw this during a holiday thing.

(escape one cult, you end up in a bigger cult)


5:39 PM

Beans just vomited this horrible goop.

He eats shit, literally …

He is a trashcan Sam …

And I don’t get it – I don’t get the attraction of frenchies.

No one should abandon disabled child, but can you imagine CREATING a disability on purpose?

theory: French bulldog owners have Munchausen by proxy …


7:29 AM

“A frenchie is best, when a frenchie is sleeping.” – Dr. Freckles


7:16 AM

I started following the road that I thought was RIGHT … that preceded my faith.

(and then I met Jesus at a gas station)