LSR Notes: 11/2/20

9:10 AM

Scientology: how the CIA pre-tested the year 2020 …

“Hey, how much shit can we get people to put up with?”

(in Scientology, MK-Ultra found the answers)


6:31 AM

Because of podcasting – I’ve connected with a lot of good people … but I’ve also met a few shit heads.

Here is my definition of a shit head in this context: someone that is UNABLE to recognize that each person’s life is different … no matter how “similar” …


6:20 AM

Think about the concept of “disconnection” from #scientology.

Then, please: meditate on men and women, FUCKING ADULTS, pressuring family members to vote a certain way … with threats of being disowned, cast out.

Please, tell me how this whole system is NOT a cult?