LSR Notes: 11/1/20

9:31 PM

Looking at America in 2020?

Life now is moving from one gaslighting experience to another …

You break out of one cult? – you seem to stumble into the next …

(but make sure you vote on Tuesday)


8:57 PM

Scientology has NOTHING on the cult bullshit of covid-19 …

(perhaps Scientology was a dry run for this MK-Ultra pandemic)

“Disconnection” -> aka -> “cancelled”

“suppressive person” -> aka -> “covidiot”

Thinking about the suicides in Scientology.

Thinking about the suicides from “rona”.


8:47 PM

I have a “vote” for Tuesday.

Vote for friendship.

Vote for community.

Vote for liberty, love, peace.

Which means, on Tuesday? – don’t participate in the cult.

(stop voting)


6:41 PM

I’m watching a show about #Scientology …

And it struck me “this same show could be about the RONA” …

Covid19 is a cult.

(a new, shiny, satanic, death cult)


4:59 PM

Beans is now chewing on an old bone. I think he imagines communists when he chews on that bone …

Beans == COL Kurtz


3:31 PM

a french bulldog has all the dependency issues of a child, without the possibility that they will EVER get over it …

really toxic co-dependency


7:45 AM

Beans almost ate a shotgun shell the other night.


(he found some ammo, grabbed a shell, ran around “look at me, I have a shotgun shell in my mouth” …


7:41 AM



(very similar states – from a mass perspective)


7:07 AM

Talking to a #frenchie is very similar to #SETI.



7:06 AM

I try to talk to Beans …

then I realize he won’t understand for another 25 million years … if ever.

and I get sad.