LSR Notes: 10/31/20

9:09 PM

is intentionality really just semantic teleology?


7:23 PM

Trongis, the last Y’orbian priest, will set fire to the wallis-tong and free the bale-rat lord.


5:56 PM

Beans is now barking at the outside … not anything in particular … just … well … the outside …

he’s like some grumpy old shriveled up man …

(he reminds me of myself)


9:46 AM

Beans eats dirt.

And frankly, I can’t ensure he’s not eating dirt …

And he could get worms from the dirt.

(but what if he’s mostly worms already?)


9:44 AM

Beans Report:

Beans is sleeping.

(but always on the watch for bigfoot)


9:42 AM

Schrodinger Healthcare: not knowing is half the battle … maybe.