Dangerous Church

The name I go by, on this blog, and many other places … is “Dr. Freckles” …

It’s never been hard to figure out “who that was” – from the first days of his existence (“Flash Crash” 2010 is when Dr. Freckles was born), through the first election bid, 2012, to now … Dr. Freckles has always been a pseudonym, a “Nom de Guerre”, for me, but with little effort you can find the author: Daniel John Sullivan.

I am not a good Christian – let’s tear that bandaid off first …

I’m not that bad, but I’m not that good – I attempt to live according to the ways of Christ, but do I think I should be a person trying to organize church? – no … yet Jesus admonishes us all to be disciples, and one feature of discipleship is fellowship … brotherhood … sisterhood … in Christ’s name.

So no … I’m NOT a good Christian.

I swear, I drink, I have looked at the naked pictures of adult women and felt lust, I vape weed when I have it, I am often plagued by darkness and demons and my heart is often filled with more of the emptiness than the light … yet I do not give up, I can’t. I believe that God has a place even for a wretched soul like mine, this might be the only thing I still believe now …

On August 23rd, 2020 @ 11 AM, at Volunteer Park in Seattle (near the water tower), I am going to attend services, in the open, without shame or fear.

I will sing, I will pray, and I hope there are others that join me.

I believe that our voices, joining with the power of Christ, will shine through this dismal time.

If your contention is: it’s too soon Dan? – WHAT DO YOU MEAN?


When, do you suppose, it will be time?

If you say: “Dan, that’s too DANGEROUS!” … then I ask, “what danger is there for a person of faith?”

I do not know the time/place that God will call me home, but I do know he wants me to live this life, to find peace and joy, in spite of danger …

And it bears repeating, if in a different phrase:


With Christ, with his disciples and followers, there is no danger we need worry about – and there is no gun that can take your soul … our body? – yeah … that can be destroyed. Your soul? – no gun can destroy it.

As far as Gov. Inslee’s and Mayor Durkan’s illegal governments are concerned? – listen … if you believe in the “rule of law”, we are quite beyond that now …

If you believe in a higher law? – it’s time to act like it.

So for the “covid”?

Masks/Social Distancing: this will be optional, we will not shame people because of their fears. If you feel you need to social distance, or wear a mask, YOU ARE WELCOME to join me. No shame, just love.

As far as I’m concerned? I will not be social distancing. I will not be wearing a mask. I will not be silent or muzzled before God or man.

I will hug those who want it, I will shake hands, I will sing and pray with neighbors, friends, in Christ.

If the United States is now a place where this is a rebellious act?

Where attending church without Satanic muzzles is illegal?


Remember … even Jesus was arrested … and church, true faith in God and Jesus? – this has always been dangerous.

Contact: me@iamsully.com

Link to program for services: https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=343

(poster below has link to PDF, please print out if you can afford to and post it)