LSR Notes: 10/29/20

10:38 PM

“smiley Joe”

These trolls serve 1 purpose: to gaslight you about what is intolerable. They tell you “shit man, it’s your attitude”, and they avoid conversations about “masks” or forced vaccination or internment camps.

“Smiley Joe” spends time talking “mindfulness”, compliance.


10:35 PM

“the assassination”

This is where a disinfo agent is attacked, to provide credibility.

de-platforming, de-funding, cutting off access to resources … advertising dollars.

Then a “white knight” provides the funding, and the “nearly destroyed” voice speaks the new religion …


8:22 PM

If someone tweets “click on this link to restore your privacy” … don’t click on it.


6:16 PM

I really wish bigfoot and his friends would just finish this off already …

Just come streaming out of the hills, like the Chinese in October 1950 …


9:29 AM

Isaiah 34


8:21 AM

More on #propaganda: “EGO PUMPING”

Ego pumping is where you find some “figure” in the media that supports your core disinfo narrative.

You target them with positive messaging, financial support, and you connect them with “popular figures”.

Their narrative becomes adopted.


7:52 AM

“Pack it out”

If it makes sense in the woods dumb ass?

When you’re camping?

(it kinda makes sense everywhere dumb ass)

Some things, like the atmosphere, we share …

(let’s not be assholes)


7:42 AM

I choose my friends, in no small part, based on the following principle:


(but now you’re confused: beauty, money, power, popularity)


Better than me at living the Kingdom Life.

My compass feels broken sometimes, and we are all far from shore.



7:40 AM

If I knew when I was 15, what I know now?

I’d probably have herpes …

(so I’m glad I didn’t know)


7:00 AM