LSR Notes: 10/28/20

8:15 PM


5:03 PM

  • twitter purge
  • internet ghetto
  • how do you like the view


4:54 PM

Just got a random phone call from some Chinese voice agent …

“Ni hao … ching ching ching”

Ni hao – I got …

the rest was gibberish to me …

but it’s weir to get random wrong numbers with Chinese voice-over …


3:14 PM

on the first day following the “election” …

all klimpet-volk will fight in the streets with bats and chains and buckets of gasoline …

they will set each other aflame, in pursuit of their own rotten selves …

in large iron pots, people will be boiled down to fat …

from this will come the “soup” …

(keto friendly)

this is when I transcend …

I will seal my loins in ancient leaves and oils …

I will carry a hatchet and a knife …

My name will be “Old Hatchet Joe” …


I will make burnt offering to the Y’orloz, the god of Whiskey, cigs and big boobs.


10:13 AM



9:44 AM

In 2022, all our brains will go into robot bodies.

In 2023, we will rip out our brains and scream a last scream of pain … and stomp on our brains with our last robot commands.


9:18 AM

Violence Wins!


7:17 AM

A prayer for the traumatized, the broken heart’d …


7:02 AM

New theory:

Professional Wresting as a pop culture phenomena in the 80’s was deep state / CIA modeling of future presidential elections, and elections for other offices, and even supreme court nomination.

They wanted to streamline both buyer acceptance and buyer’s remorse.


6:57 AM

“Dan, what’s a blocking experiment?”

These are VERY FUN …

These are high follower, low followed accounts that DO NOT have blue check marks …

8/10 -> “graphic artists” or “models” or “artists” and “models”

8/10 -> “nice looking, almost too nice looking, pics”

I block.

The key thing? – you block before you are EVER on their radar.

If you get on their radar, and go “city of refuge” path? – then judgment call …

But if they simply just keep showing up, in your TL, like a bad penny? – tells you a great deal. Affinity groups.


6:53 AM

Go Daddy is playing it now too …

“Dan, you can buy stuff on the Death Star and businesses be ethical cuz gov …”

Tell Sound Cloud (I pay them, I am shadow banned there – provably)

Tell Go Daddy (see above)

But whatever … this is life on the Death Star until it explodes.


6:46 AM

here’s an uncontroversial rule:

if someone gains power or money from scaring you? – then seek at least one second opinion from someone NOT making money scaring you …

And if none can be found?

None who do NOT make money scaring you?


(happy Wednesday)


6:43 AM


6:42 AM

Patterns reveal a lot, is all I’m saying …

Account “hopping” is integrated into USAF and other MI social medial management software.

Including scripted “hopping”, where you can make it look like two different accounts interacting.

But the deep patterns are hard to hide.


6:35 AM

There was once a show called “Bullshit” …

And I just saw a guy, from that show, with a “I voted” sticker on his forehead …


(the psyop is so deep)


6:33 AM

“Dan, there’s a ‘bad strain’ of covid, and it went west from Wuhan …”

“How did it do that, choose to go west?”

“Science …”

“Like Brownian motion?”

“Yes …”

“Well, sweetheart, that would mean it should have gone all directions … dumb ass …”

“And you are racist.”


6:20 AM

I think it’s this simple …

We are headed for:

  1. Chaos/collapse
  2. Hyper-global-statism
  3. Some mixture of 1 + 2

Only in #2 do I find myself thinking: I won’t be able to live there …

1/3 are both scenarios where I can find a “gap” to survive, if I’m lucky, if I try.

I’m thinking it’s no. 1 …

I think it’s 1, and I think nature is not linear.

when it happens? – abrupt will be a hard word to use. Abrupt will have too much duration.

(this neo-stalinist banker hell hole is going to topple over and crush MANY souls)


6:07 AM

another thing the #mask does …

It allows state-operators: undercover cops, CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence, Mossad, et al … banker scumbags …

It allows state-operators to easily coordinate and infiltrate, REPEATEDLY, making minor costume chages.

(one more thing it does)


5:52 AM

Trump Narrative wins.

Post election Violence? – 80% …

Chinese War angle? – 75%