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“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

~ Camille Pissarro

There has been an aspect of reality, for me, and for some other people I’ve talked to, that has seemed very unsettling due to the tyranny, but also on a spiritual level, not quite “real.” As though either another shoe were about to drop or somehow I know that what is happening all becomes irrelevant due to something that is coming soon. Many people I know have been talking about the “little chastisements” and the “great chastisement” and have pondered whether this time we are in represents one or the other of those prophesied times. All of which is to say that I’m not sure if events after the Autumnal Equinox or as “far off” as the election in November feels are really going to happen as planned.

About forty years ago, I first attended Renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions. Almost immediately I heard the phrase, “secret masters of fandom (SMOFs) make lists.” How are events organised? By people who make lists, go down the list and get things done, and then make a new list. On that level, it isn’t very complicated. When I got into graduate school and was taught how to write business plans by Professor Ed Williams, it had this same aspect. Planning doesn’t generally survive contact with reality, but having plans, and thinking about contingencies, helps people get stuff done. So here is a list.

JackFest 1-10 August 2020

You can find some free people at the Jackelope Freedom Festival in the Sittgreaves National Forest in Arizona (near Heber Overgaard) in the first two weeks of August 2020. I attended in 2018 and 2019, and there are many good people there.

Igloo Luau West 25-27 September 2020

You can find such people at the IglooLuau.com in Naturita, Colorado, 25 to 27 September 2020. I have made arrangements to attend, and the event is sponsored by CryptoHippie.com as well as Houston Space Society, After Dark Publications, the Resilient Ways Foundation, and Dr. Freckles Global Tontine Club. We have the following accommodations for our guests:

A. Rimrock Hotel, Naturita has rooms, although the tyrant running Colorado government says nobody can stay in the rooms with shared bathroom facilities, which were the best value in my opinion. Nevertheless, if you want to attend our event and just show up, great, try there.

B. Uravan Campground is a place in Naturita area for camping. They offer good prices.

MidFest 10-11 October 2020

A very good friend of mine is one of the organisers of MidFest in Oklahoma 10-11 October 2020. See their web site for details. If I’m able to do so, I plan to attend.

Luau East 19 October 2020.

So far the folks involved, myself, Ben Stone, Evan Freshwater, and Chicago Joe, have not set up a definite location for this event. Nevertheless, we’re planning to host it, probably somewhere in eastern Kentucky across the river from West Virginia.

Luau Georgia 23-25 October 2020

Another group of us are gathering in the Appalachians near Jasper or Helen Georgia in late October. Given the expected “October surprises” to make every election year even sillier, it is again one of those cases where “I’ll be there if I’m able.” Two of the people in Georgia we’ve been talking to about this event are Brent of Smoky Pit Story Time podcast and Pete Quinones of Free Man Beyond the Wall and the Libertarian Institute and Stateless Productions.

Where We Are Now

In order to understand what to expect in September, October, and perhaps November, it might be good to review some recent events. I think these events are related and worth considering in the following order:

July 2019 – Jeffrey Epstein is arrested, bringing global attention to his underage prostitution and human trafficking activities, and those of Ghislaine Maxwell. A large number of very prominent people are implicated. People at the FBI are very familiar with the use of child trafficking and child rape as tools the FBI has used to control politicians and wealthy business people going back to the 1920s.

August 2019 – overnight lending between banks begins to rise dramatically, culminating 15 September 2019 at 10% – meaning an annual rate of 3,650%. Put another way, banks stopped lending to each other and the “too big to fail” banks were going to need another bailout.

October 2019 – Bill Gates leaves Microsoft and his foundation to form a new company which gets a $100 billion “contact tracing” contract. Event 201 outlines events with a “coronavirus” epidemic which might kill 65 million according to the simulation. World Military Games in Wuhan, China occur bringing diplomats, espionage agents, and military personnel from all over the world to Wuhan. Based on patient zero, the nCoV2019 virus epidemic began during this month. An “abomination” in the form of a pagan idol is placed in a sacred place, the church of Saint Mary in Rome (see Daniel chapters 10-12).

November 2019 – patient zero, a 55-year-old man, is diagnosed in Wuhan. Early signs of a highly infectious disease are discussed by Wuhan area health care professionals and some international health specialists in epidemiology.

Year End 2019 – A report comes out that 1,480 chief executive officers and thousands of other high ranking officials in different business enterprises have either retired or quit during 2019. It is regarded as a remarkably high number.

January 2020 – On 12 January 2020 the health ministry of France re-classifies hydroxychloroquine sulfate and related compunds as “poison” which means that pharmacists in France – who often sell over the counter antibiotics and other treatments after brief discussions with customers – are now required to have a prescription from a doctor before selling hydroxychloroquine. Late in January travel from Wuhan is “locked down” after roughly 5 million persons had already left the city for Lunar New Year celebrations.

February 2020 – panic over the epidemic is building. Masque supplies become scarce. Economic activity in Wuhan plummets. Travel restrictions are announced in many places. Discussion of emergency response legislation authorising the distribution of $1.5 trillion to the largest companies and banks begins. Federal Reserve begins planning a multi-trillion-dollar monetary inflation response.

March 2020 – the fix is in. Small businesses are prevented from operating, big businesses get huge government and Federal Reserve subsidies. The Cantillon Effect lets those who get the new money first benefit from the opportunity to buy before prices rise. Oil prices crash.

April 2020 – the lockdowns are extended. Some relief is provided to some Americans, especially those who recently filed income tax papers. The global supply chain begins to fail. Dire headlines are frequent.

May 2020 – the economic consequences of extended lockdowns are being felt. Late in the month, riots are organised and promoted in major cities in response to incidents of perceived police brutality. Police precinct buildings in Minneapolis are destroyed.

June 2020 – riots become frequent. Marxists controlling several prominent groups (BLM, Antifa) receive funding to attack communities all over America, and in other countries.

July 2020 – rioting remains commonplace in some cities. Late in the month, Freedom Land DAO is started to develop places to live in the mountains of Texas, Arizona, Ontario, and elsewhere.

You are going to see things continue to get weird, so it would be wise for you to form teams, establish secure communications, make plans, and build for the future.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of good is for good people to cooperate. Your time is now.

Contact Jim: jim@resilientways.net

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