LSR Notes: 10/26/20

8:33 PM

  • symbiosis is an impossible theory of life …

(so then they come up with panspermia)

  • panspermia is mathematically impossible

(so then they invent the multiverse)


8:08 PM

  1. masks


  1. social distancing

The perfect environment for people who want to abduct and victimize children.


7:58 PM

If you don’t understand how a psyop like #Covid19 could work, watch this movie … substitute UFO with RONA …

And yes: our deep state learned a LOT from the NAZIs when it comes to psyops …

And Dotty? – that ass is a “Twitter Nurse”.

That Tomiko Origami fuck? The Okinawan deep state fuck? Claims she knows shit? Whatever her fucking name is?

SHE IS DOTTY from “Mirage Men” …

“I’m an Okinawan and totally legit … totally have the rona … totally almost died …”

I saw through that shit fast.

She is a limited hangout …


5:00 PM


4:48 PM


3:03 PM

I’m starting to think the “big reset” narrative is wishful thinking – and engineered that way.

A limited hangout of fear and loathing …

But designed to convince people “shit, at least the lights will work … and I can still mine bitcoin …”


2:44 PM

And when you MEDITATE on 2020?


What a mother-loving-waste-of-time CON JOB …

Wow – if you didn’t know “social contract” was bullshit BEFORE 2020? – you should fucking know now.

(but some will never learn)

(some need pain)


2:36 PM

I don’t want it … I want it BROKEN …

But why would they break it?

Because they really did set a lot of “charges”?

(lot of “gun powder”)

Even for cartoon time …


I just think there’s something ugly that most are not aware of …


2:34 PM

If the “social contract” were even a THING … TPTB have TORN IT UP …

(y’all know this)


2:25 PM

“The Madman”

This is a GREAT and ANCIENT technique in propaganda.

This is where you find some crazy fool, washed out pol, some crazy autistic Swede kid … and you place them in front of a real problem.

You make the real problem seem stupid.

“Manbear Pig” stupid.


2:22 PM

“currying truth”

It’s a method in disinformation.

You don’t just tell lies – you need to tell at least 20% truth …

Pick the truth, just stay above 20%, and the rest can be lies. Pick the right truths, for the lies.

The truth or “curry” covers up the stink.


2:12 PM

Communism == “lazy death cult”

Yep …

Communism is like “heaven’s gate”, but with zero motivation …


2:09 PM

if we enter “crack-up-boom” state-space?

With the likely Trump victory?

Then energy is a solid play.

And Powell has had ZERO FEAR printing money.

Think they’re gonna stop?

We might get 2 solid years of 5% GDP growth, or better.

(then this happens)


1:37 PM

Trump is winning – that’s the dominant narrative now.

Especially with this Hunter Biden shit …

But what will you do, in December, if Trump says:

“… give us your guns … it will be huuugee …” ???

(what will you do when Q says “give them your guns, WWG1WGA … ????)


1:33 PM

sometimes I whimsically pretend I am pulling ancient thoughts from the mash potato consciousness of humanity … when I’m playing and podcasting


1:16 PM

The skies over Seattle, right NOW … are gross as fuck.

“Dan, these are the SAME gray-brown-nasty skies like when you were a kid.”

“How old are you?”

“20 …”

(and scene)


1:05 PM

You suffer from grobosemia …

Your harlot soul is alight with angel tears and gasoline cocktails. The corporate flutist plays a little ditty … the cable guy disconnected CINEMAX.

“STOP TOUCHING THE COOKIE!”, screams the bloot-owl, as smoke fills the room.

And you just sit there.

(staring at your foot)


1:04 PM

According the the Prophet Z’lim …

“By the 2nd year of the great reaming,
when shimptel-flu has murdered the cow,
and women are hurling apples into the sea,
and the dragon-weasels usher forth from the depths,
to behold the gleaming,
of that fragile broken thing,
your world man”

There were Skrunken folk who saw the last king die …

They lingered by the wayside of causality, till the waves froze and Lucifer was caught in chilly amber …


The frontic-hordes are assembling near Van Couver, BC …

(and Canadians have monkey herpes, zed-crabs)


11:45 AM

“Corn Pop” (my socket puppet account) just tried to post an article from Gateway Pundit on Twitter …

“Corn Pop”‘s account was immediately locked by twitter …


11:15 AM


9:08 AM

I think I nailed it in these 4 podcasts pretty well …

These have been re-published to YOUTUBE, but the original date of publish is above the video and in the description … latest is from January 2020.

February 21st, 2019

November 23rd, 2020 “some kind of monkey virus”

January 10th, 2020

January 22nd, 2020


7:48 AM

“Anarchists that vote …”

That’s some real Overton Window bullshit.


7:17 AM

I love it when an “anarchist” quotes Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics …

Really? – the cops are honest and smart when it comes to the numbers?

Are you fucking stupid?


6:58 AM

a variety of the gaslight-troll is the sleeper-troll …

sleeper trolls quietly follow you and like a few posts … then, randomly, with no context, they respond to posts with non sequitor or amphibolous statements.

the intention is ambiguity until they have to “reveal”