Prayer for Love

Christ Jesus,

My Lord that rules in Heaven,

We seek Your help in understanding Your Love.

You love all and You carried the sins of all.

You taught your disciples, through example, how to love even those we would consider our enemies.

Lord, it is your hesed, your undying love, that we grapple with …

Lord, it is the idea that even our enemies are deserving of our love …

How do we do this, without becoming wicked?

Jesus, we think You showed this too …

Through example, you were able to separate the “wheat” from the “chaff”.

You did not say “love evil”, You said “love your enemy”.

You did not say “love sin”, You taught “love the sinner”.

In this time of division, grant us the discernment to know “sin” vs “sinner”.

We call upon the Holy Spirit as guide.

In Your name, Jesus Christ, we serve.