Don’t Surrender to Them!

Today I was informed by a friend in Western Colorado that Marxists are planning to occupy Telluride, Colorado; Moab, Utah; and Grand Junction, Colorado. Posting about this matter on Twitter, I learned that there are plans to occupy Salida, Colorado, as well. The goal seems to be to terrorize locals and to assert that nowhere in America is safe from the communists.

For the last few weeks, I have been warning that the self-styled “elites,” who have been clearly identified as mass murdering, baby raping, demon worshiping cannibals who profit from wars and prisons (slavery), have been planning for over a year to implement a “failed state” in the United States. Do not expect that any election victory or loss will be the end of the current war for freedom. Rather, there will be overwhelming violence immediately after the election, no matter what outcome is announced.

To understand how pervasive Marxism and hatred of mankind is amongst the very wealthy, consider this article on donors to Black Lives Matter, a thoroughly and publicly Marxist group, published in June. “These are the major brands donating to Black Lives Matter.”

By July, the 100 largest companies had contributed or committed over $1.63 billion, though not exclusively to Black Lives Matter. Noteworthy donations or commitments about which I’ve heard from various sources: Bank of America, a billion dollars for Black Lives Matter communists; Adidas, $100 million; Nike, $200 million. Feel free to do your own research, but recognise that the enemies of freedom hate you, are very well funded, and are determined to rape, kill, torture, imprison, and forcibly re-educate you and your family.

Therefore, surrender at any point in any conflict with them would be foolish. These are not people committed to decency, kindness, or creating anything. Rather, these are people who are committed, and often paid better than they ever have been in their lives, to hurt, violate, torture, rape, kill, and obliterate not only people but all vestiges of humanity, civilisation, and joy.

My recommendation as to any communist captives you take is that they be treated with kindness, watched carefully, and shifted as far behind your front line as possible, to the extent that there is anything like a front in your area. Fourth generation warfare is not notoriously handy with regard to lines on maps and obvious no-go areas. Rather, it intersperses non-combatants with combatants, often in very similar outfits, and without clear direction. If you expect them not to betray you, feed them, keep them disarmed, and keep them away from your resources. If you expect them to betray you, perhaps binding them more thoroughly would be enough, you’ll have to judge your situation for yourself.

There will, after all, be some dupes and fellow travellers and useful idiots amongst them who are not as committed ideologically to the hard core Marxist view that everything human must be destroyed. But that is the goal of all Marxism: the destruction of any opposition to creating “new Soviet man” by destroying the will to resist through rape, torture, murder, and slavery. Note that the oligarchs funding them want all this death for you and yours because they want you to be slaves.

Why treat them better than they will treat their prisoners? Simply put, to give them less appeal as an enemy. Expose their treatment of their prisoners and provide a contrast. But if you aren’t in a position to take prisoners, then you aren’t, and you’ll do what you think is necessary or essential.

Do not expect mercy, because communists have none. Communism is not a merciful ideology. Think of the most bloodthirsty demon-worshipping cult you can imagine, or that has been portrayed in any book or film or play you’ve seen, and then double that level of evil. You aren’t going to get through a communist prison camp unscathed. You will be physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually abused. So, don’t surrender. Ever.

None of us brought this war to our country. None of the readers of this publication wanted a communist revolution in America. Nor is it the case that America is the only place where the global communist revolution is happening now. Perhaps this final push, this final “coming out into the open,” is the last we’ll hear of the communists and globalists and other authoritarians, since we who are now living have the opportunity to eradicate communism for all time if (and only if) we have the courage to do so.

So, in summary of my last few essays: If you want peace, prepare for war. If you expect, as I do, incredible violence after the election, don’t be in a big city on the coasts. Do be with your family. Do have a network of friends and neighbours on whom you can count. Do not rely on anyone who sympathises with communism, socialism, Marxism, or other evil. Do have several ways to bug out, and several destinations depending on which direction you have to go, and do consider ways to double back to conceal your path.

If you aren’t ready at your home, or you aren’t willing to take this seriously enough to sell and move in the remaining days, make plans to go camping. Either go spend the week of the election with friends in the country who know you well enough to invite you, or go camping in a national forest or national park, as high up as you can get, and make friends with your neighbours in camp right away.

Up your preps. Don’t expect power, water, Internet, phones, or anything else to be dependable for you after the election. Expect to be targeted by service providers and by other Marxists. Have multiple alternatives for staying warm, cooking food, and other essentials. Have a car? Get an inverter so you have reasonably normal power for your electronics as long as your car has fuel. Keep extra fuel on hand. Keep extra food and ammo on hand.

Do I believe Americans are in a war right now? Yes, definitely. It has been true off and on and to various extents for many decades, arguably since 15 April 1861, or as far back as 1791, depending on your view of history and how much of the perfidy of the oligarchs you are willing to accept as real. Since last October the plan to have a virus to blame for tyranny and to impose tyranny has existed and been documented. Your government and the big corporations it helps are against you and your freedom.

No, I don’t happen to think Trump is going to save everyone or keep America free. I do think the people who say “America or Trump” don’t really like either one. But I do believe that you are personally responsible for your own freedom, and that if you want to be free, you have to free yourself and keep yourself free. If you aren’t sure how to do so, feel free to send an email my way, or touch bas on Twitter or some other forum. I do know people all over.

Most of all, prepare spiritually. You have to be aware that you may die in the current conflict, and that it may not end for some years. You have to be aware that whatever the situation of your affairs and property, the people you leave behind are also going to be in the fight of their lives, for their freedom, against a ruthless and evil enemy.

Do not fear the enemy, for God is against them. Simply recognise that not everyone who fights against evil survives the experience. So, prepare your soul. Repent your sins, welcome God into your life, and live without fear.

Remember also that mankind is capable of great beauty, great joy, great inventiveness, if we are simply left alone to be free to express ourselves as we each individually see fit. There are good things to look forward to, and to be proud about mankind. We simply have to get the demons who seek to enslave us all out of our way. I believe God is with us and wants us to be free.

God comes with mighty power. Lift up your voice in prayer. God hears you.

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