LSR Notes: 10/25/20

8:13 PM

election? – dog and pony shit

covid? – dog and pony shit

race war? – really stupid dog and pony shit

Human trust is being torn out, trust in institutions is being totally eroded …

I don’t see how Humpty Dumpty ever gets put back together again.


8:08 PM

business runs on trust

you can have all the money in the world: you lose trust, it is gone … probably forever …

trust is broke as shit now, everywhere …

To paraphrase Bastiat:

If business is not conducted in the city, violence will be.


7:58 PM

How do people who understand HOW child abduction works be ok with this mask bullshit?


But they do work to cover the frightened face of a child.

They do block a basic signaling mechanism to an adult:

“Help me, something is wrong.”

(masks block that)

Masktopia is a utopia for pedophiles.


7:26 PM


4:41 PM

If Biden “wins”: we will go into hyper statism OR managed collapse preceding hyperstatism …

If Trump “wins”: see above


4:36 PM

there are demons on the internet – and I don’t think they all inhabit people …

be fucking careful about the doors you open …

a real person? – will understand this evil.

a soul sucking pig fucker? – will gaslight you.

fucking gaslighters are the FUCKING WORST trolls …

examine their use of language: neuro-linguistic programming is an art form

We all need to say a prayer, as Christians (if this applies), before we go on the internet …

(just some advice from one drunk hobo preacher to other sinners)

There are demons.

I believe many inhabit computers at this point.

(now cue laugh track)


4:21 PM

And WHAT THE FUCK is “crypto-anarchism”?

Is there a special anarchism for people that use hammers?

How about math-anarchists? – for folks who think math is cool and useful.


4:02 PM

Malthus basically said what Heinlein says in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”


(no free lunches)

(that’s Malthus for dummies)

Keynes and commies sell the opposite: free lunches for all …


2:59 PM

Covid-twitter-nurses are coming back …

Be wary of whacko stories from “Japanese-American-Deep-State” whistle blowers …

Be wary of “nurses”, sending you DMs, telling you to “go to the hospital and get on a respirator”.

If I had listened to these fucks? – I’d be dead.


2:57 PM

I think the “ice” that is melting?

Most of it covered up Genesis 6 shit …

I think that’s why TPTB have been so interested in Antarctica …

The flood froze … and covered over great evil, 11,000 years ago … roughly


1:45 PM

When the pandemic is real? – you won’t need anyone to tell you.

When the violence is real? – the “shots” won’t be that good.

(in fact: taking good video in a real situation will likely get you killed)


10:09 AM

I never thought I’d live in a USA where young people, mostly, would say “it’s rebellion to obey” …

For them: obedience is now rebellion …

(that’s fucked)


9:46 AM

Things generally fall apart according to their complexity.

Simple things fall apart in relatively predictable ways – but even a system as simple as a JENGA tower is complicated enough to enter the realm of too many variables.

How do you think the global US empire will fall apart?


9:19 AM

I love blocking “we can poop into the ocean forever in unlimited amounts” idiots …

“Dan, you can have 7 billion people in Texas …”

“yes – and please rename the Gulf of Mexico the Gulf of Poop …”

“That’s racist.”

(and scene)


9:07 AM

if you think you “know” what “they” are doing?

(that means the mind control is working)


8:31 AM

another thing you can do while people are stressed about “murder hornets” and “monkey herpes” and “race war”?

You can pre-position thousands of Chinese PLA … in the Rockies and Cascade Mtn Range …

(you could do that)


7:55 AM

I call bullshit on boogaloo boys …

Black Lives Matter is 100% deep state bullshit …

Literally the soft underbelly.

You could kidnap one of their operators? – have them talking fast …

That’s if you guys weren’t bullshit too.


7:45 AM

  1. we have quiet and dying forest syndrome in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. lots of fear porn to keep people out of the forests.
  3. add in covid, nobody goes outside to notice any crooked shit going on in the environment.


7:28 AM

I’m calling it: we are in “Red Queen Syndrome” with geoengineering.

Should they stop? – yes.

Do they know they should stop? – yes.

Will they stop prior to total collapse? – no.

Really toxic snow this year folks.

(really poisonous)


7:26 AM

They will be dumping so much toxic shit on us soon, you will WANT to wear those creepy plastic helmets …

“Dan, I can’t see it …”

(don’t worry – if you were too stupid to notice this shit up till now? – you will probably remain too stupid …)

Toxic Exposure == Covid-19


6:33 AM

I wonder how many additional rapes have occurred since the “mask mandate”, eh Governor Inslee?

(I’m thinking the numbers went up)

But good news we have Microsoft and King County telling us that 911 services often don’t work, these days …