LSR Notes: 10/24/20

9:02 PM

the dead things are resurfacing, to tell us: “soon you will die”.


8:47 PM

Dying of thirst O.J. … from “Capricorn One” …


7:46 PM

How will people react when Q says “take the vaccine”?


7:18 PM

you know the money you use to harass pot smokers?

(you could use that SAME MONEY to arrest pedophiles)

If “weed” as a concern even measures with a mass greater than pixie dust with you, at this point?

(wow – see you on the other side … maybe)


7:11 PM

you know that thing I said about NATURE not being linear?

Remember that over the coming months …

Both in terms of:

  1. nature itself


  1. our human connection to it

(nature will continue, even if every reactor cooks off)

(it’s our future that is in question)



Liberty: implies truth

Liberty: implies unfettered problem solving

Government WAS ALWAYS the “extinction level event” …



7:09 PM

A story from next month …

“Dan, we just had a huge snow storm here in Dallas …”

“Don’t eat the ice man …”

“What do you mean?”

“Just watch … bring it inside … see how long it takes to sublimate …”

“What’s sublimation, is that racist?”

(and scene)


6:50 PM

I think when they gave Norman Borlaug his Nobel Prize?

I think they knew what they were doing …

They wanted to bring into the world BILLIONS of people, who they would then ritualistically murder …

Why? – they’re baby raping Satanists … you are asking the wrong guy.


6:47 PM

I don’t claim to have “the truth”, but one rule I’ve learned since the “Flash Crash” in 2010 …

If it’s an outcome you want? – then you should check your sources, premises, facts …

Liars, generally, tell you what you want to hear … all the time.


6:41 PM

One purpose for HAARP? – busting CH4 down to components, to reduce impact of the “Clathrate Gun”.

And to create high pressure domes as well.

And in the process degrade the ozone layer … (which is great)

The “masktopia” makes more sense if they have to amp up geoengineering.


6:36 PM

“Don’t spread fear. But also? – don’t spread bullshit.” – Dr. Freckles


6:17 PM

They want us to use those weird helmets …

They will dump too much shit to hide …

You will have historic snow storms …

(and the “Great Fart” will progress)

Don’t eat the snow.


6:06 PM

Don’t take governors hostage – that’s stupid.

Take a BLM operator (not just a street thug, you do your intel work) … and torture them …

You will likely be torturing a FED … CIA/FBI/MERC but paid for with tax dollars …

That’s who you take hostage.
That’s who you kidnap.


10:09 AM

“Beef rules chicken, as God rules the universe.” – Dr. Freckles