LSR Notes: 10/23/20

6:28 PM

New narrative:

  1. Biden/Harris “wins”.
  2. Trump is a “statesman” and concedes.
  3. “Q” tells everyone to “keep their powder dry” – this edging/tease will last till 2024 …
  4. Bill Gates becomes Vice President in April.

(you are in Episode 5 … not 6 …)


5:32 PM

the number of notices from my credit union lately “scheduled maintenance” …

(aka: bank holiday)



4:29 PM

“If you put on the muzzle? – you’re preparing to be raped.” – Dr. Freckles


3:48 PM

I’d wager that the core “production team” from Apollo was murdered days after the program ended … 1972 … Watergate was cover up for that …

What, Watergate seemed credible to its media hype?

I’m thinking Watergate was smokescreen for killing the Apollo Production Team


8:19 AM

“The worst thing in the world is to fantasize, sexually, about your ex wife.” – Dr. Freckles


7:17 AM

I road the mule with a coyote princess. We were finding safe landing in a tiny poor place, but our friend left us starving by the Rio Grande …

In the night we were hunted like rats.

In the day we were baked like tortillas.

Our bodies were scabbed and broken by the end.


5:38 AM

you said … “we can do just one more rock” …

And my feces turned bloody …

You said we had no money for the urgent care …

You dumped me in the Duwamish, as if I wasn’t there.

And you tell me you are my friend?

to the end …

I will eat glass and sand …

remember the demons?

you brought them …

remember the angel dust hookers?

you stabbed them and dumped them on the ferry to Bremerton …

remember the night?

It NEVER ENDED … wound up like the eternal darkness of my raccoon heart …

but go ahead and eat paste of whale!