LSR Notes: 10/22/20

4:58 PM

I am tired of the bullshit …

I’m tired of the lies.

I’m tired of the rancid milk, and the rotten eggs, and the meat covered in maggots and sadness …

I will grab the goblet of forgetfulness and set fire to my myriad nightmare …

Tell the myrmidons whence I came!


3:43 PM

“Melancholia” (2011)

A definite MUST SEE … right now … these days.


3:42 PM



3:57 PM

Locked out of twitter …

Don’t really care that much. Sort of the ultimate limited hang out.

I am glad I met some people, not so glad I met others …

But my friends know how to reach me, and that’s enough for now.

And what’s coming?

All we can do is huddle together, in the light or darkness, awaiting the storm.


10:23 AM

you take the dead things you find in the ditch

you mash them into a paste

you shove them down your mouth pipe …

you listen to Metallica and set off fire crackers in the dark


6:55 AM

I just invented a holiday …


My favorite rifle day …


6:54 AM

Imagine my mind had a door …

And on the door?

(a sign)

And the sign says?


(that’s where I’m at today …)