LSR Notes: 10/21/20

9:37 PM

someone is banging on the dumpster outside in the alley …

I’m thinking it’s to lure some Asian college students …

(food is getting more expensive)

(people are going to dark places)


I think the krinket-whores still rule 12th AVE …

Sure, the gronkis-lords are expanding up Boren, but the old timers are starting to station CHUD and morlock and crips and bloods at the CHEVRON …

In a few more weeks, the strape-wenches will reap the flavor harvest.

“Rooftop Koreans” …

That’s the name of a new Vietnamese restaurant … nearby.


9:11 PM

“blue lives matter”

“black lives matter”

“support the troops”

“make America great again”

“build back better”



8:19 PM

… I go out at night … I hunt girt-hounds and rendle-fish …

I set fire to the old caves near Magnolia …

I mock the whale-prols of West Seattle, and then I stand atop Mt. Blinktus covered in blood-wool and elk-grease …

Busty women smell me.

And then I feel at peace.

… you will be named Eagle Jim …

You will have a house of stone on Beacon Hill …

Your hide will be the sewers … the dark alleys filled with garbage … you will wait and ambush the 3-eyed-froctor wolves that start crawling out of the sea …

Your house will prosper.


7:45 PM

Hunter Biden’s laptop might be the stickiest laptop in history.

there is enough genetic material on Hunter Biden’s laptop to repopulate the world with Florida hookers …


12:57 PM

“The parts that suck? – melt away … the parts that don’t suck? – last forever.” – Dr. Freckles


12:28 PM

1/2 a year, roughly …

When you’ll want to die …

(but you can’t)



11:51 AM

What does the mask ACTUALLY do?

It turns humans into incubators for the black plague and tuberculosis and a WHOLE BUNCH of other nasty shit …

And then shunts/blocks blow to create turbulence, for optimal dispersal.

Yeah – the mask turns a person into a bioweapon factory.


11:00 AM

“Duwamish” in native tongue means “whatever …”.


10:58 AM

“The winds are shifting … learn to sail.” – Dr. Freckles


10:36 AM

(a conversation from 2014 …)

“Dan, the American people will never put up with austerity.”

(hold my beer)

(same person, 2020)

“Why aren’t you wearing your mask?”