LSR Notes: 10/20/20

2:56 PM

One thing I learned in the Army … if only one.

It’s hard to live in a tent.

To be prepared to move each day, each hour.

But it does make you strong.


2:54 PM

I have a thought experiment:

The people of the old book …

Were they strongest when they lived with walls of stone?


When they lived in tents?


1:59 PM

Can I just say I CAN’T WAIT to go to the Moon …

Literally …

I’m 50 years old.


1:37 PM

“woke” is a bullshit term … like “conspiracy theory” … designed to mock …

I’ll keep it fucking simple …

It’s October 2020 …

If you can’t see what they’ve been doing to you?

(you never will)


1:14 PM

But yeah …

What I see with my own eyes is all in my head …

Is that what your phone told you?


1:11 PM

the sick/sad truth?

If you’re using a nano scale metal to control solar radiation?

You would end up at aluminum …


1:01 PM

If you are going to dump shit into the atmosphere? With a purpose of using radars to control cloud formation and dissipation? – you can’t use iron … it would be less toxic, but too obvious.

You can’t use ANY oxidizing metals …

Something, like Aluminum, is your best bet.


12:50 PM

Jesus taught us to be kind, and to seek peace.

Jesus did NOT teach us to be stupid.


12:39 PM

“Dan, it all goes back to normal after 11/3 …”


12:32 PM


(does not mean the end of the world)

(but it does, as always, as EVERY FUCKING DAY … it goes on and it doesn’t …)

(life begins … life ends)

(every day)


12:12 PM

I will try to help some people – I must as a Christian.

(but only some people)


12:07 PM

“In a world of delusion, there is only death.” – Dr. Freckles


11:54 AM

“Temple Grandin”

She is the architect of this neo-stalinist hell hole …

(and she thought she was designing systems for processing cattle)


11:52 AM

People trust their phones.

(not their intuition)

(bad times coming)

(intuition? – that’s a muscle too bro, gotta work it to have it)


11:39 AM

“sand people” is the way to go this year …

Sand person with the head of Luke Skywalker in a burlap sack … that would be Halloween this year …


11:36 AM


11:32 AM


Don’t update ANY of your apps, phones, computers, websites, with “necessary updates” for the next month at least …

Don’t …

If it says “PHP out of date” in wordpress?


Don’t do any updates … especially fucking Windows.


11:28 AM

I will be watching my sister’s french bulldog between 10/31 and 11/7 …

I might be spending the END OF THE WORLD with “Beans”.

(meditate on that shit)


5:31 AM

I’m going to BLOW YOUR MIND:

How you vote? – will have ZERO IMPACT on the coming famine.


5:04 AM

The most fearful thing in the world for a hobo?

To find out God has use for you.

(even you)