LSR Notes: 10/19/20

7:08 PM

Jesus is in my heart, but the Devil surrounds me.


6:35 PM

Yahweh loved David.

(despite the fact that David broke EVERY FUCKING RULE …)

Yahweh loved David …

Because David was a great writer, and so was Solomon.


6:24 PM

Psalm 49


6:07 PM

The Lord in Heaven was lonely …

For eons I will never understand.

(that’s where the Bible begins)


5:42 PM

Literally “Literally” is the “probably” of 2020.


5:37 PM

Want to know one of the themes of the Book of Genesis that only Kierkegaard really understood? With respect to humans?



5:14 PM

“Sunday is for Jesus. Monday is for the Devil.” – Dr. Freckles


10:24 AM

“In a hell-scape dystopia, there is rebellion in joy.” – Dr. Freckles


9:12 AM

“Do you really want people on your team that WANT you to fail? – then for REAL PROBLEMS! – try cooperation and NOT the government.” – Dr. Freckles


7:30 AM

“A free nation cannot be conquered, a slave nation already WAS!” – Dr. Freckles


7:16 AM

“You can only conquer a nation that has a government.” – Dr. Freckles


7:01 AM

Luke 12:35-40

(something to think on)


6:25 AM

“Freedom” is one of the dirtiest words in America today …

(almost taboo)

(like it points to an ancient crime, one we are too ashamed to discuss)

(think on that)


6:14 AM


All the people that have been lied to about HOW their mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, neighbor died …

Think about those people building a mythology around #Covid19 and how their 89 year old neighbor died …