A prayer for courage …

Jesus, we are at the edge of the cliff. At least that is how it feels.

We stand at the precipice, looking out into a great and majestic sea …

An ocean of possibilities, and terrors, and storms …


You commanded Your disciples to not lose heart, even though a storm tossed the boat at sea … You walked upon that water, proving the power of God.

We are people, many of us simple – all we want is to live in peace, freely, cooperatively, with our neighbors – but there are many now who believe in the iron fist of WILL … the will of the PEOPLE … and one cannot know for sure the source of that WILL, but it is NOT the WILL of GOD!


We want to live in peace, but we are prepared to stand, shoulder to shoulder, as Chistians.

If this means we lose this physical life, then let it be so – knowing the eternal life was always the heroes path.

We pray for help.

We pray for guidance.

We pray for compassion.


Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, God made man, who was judged, tortured, and killed by the mob …

Lord, grant us the smallest fraction of Your courage, in the days to come …

In Your name we serve, Jesus Christ.