LSR Notes: 10/17/18

9:35 PM

Horrible thought …

If the Clathrate Gun trigger has been pulled? – then it explains a LOT of the tyrannical bullshit going on in Australia …

Pray for them, there Summer is beginning …

10 or 20 years without Winter? – that would feel like the Tribulation … even if it were not.


6:54 PM

There’s someone I follow, on twitter, who has been gone for months.

He is a blue check mark.

I used to think he was cool.

I think he got cornered, and they gave him “the speech”.

Now his tweets read like Akely’s letters in “Whisperers in the Darkness …” by Lovecraft


6:36 PM

Beans is ready for Halloween … as you might know, 1/2 of all frenchies are possessed by demons …


2:58 PM

I just figured out WHY I love my sister’s french bulldog, “Beans” …

He’s HOT or COLD or ASLEEP … never lukewarm.


1:52 PM

Demons stole my beer last night …

This is metaphor, in a way.


1:43 PM

“Weed is like motor oil for the mind … don’t use too much, or too little.” – Dr. Freckles


12:53 PM

Government only lies.


Even when they’re “telling the truth” – they are lying about something.

So when you hear them use the word “anarchy”, when they should say chaos?

(they’re lying)

You have a “right to remain silent”?

(that’s called a lie)

Before Jesus? – yes.

Before government? – no.

You have NO right to remain silent – they are lying.


11:17 AM

Dan’s helpful secret for social media people:

If I block you unjustly? – find a “City of Refuge” metaphorically speaking … seek out a third party that you know I trust.

If no such third party exists? – I’m thinking there was nothing there to begin with …


8:04 AM

Don’t ever say “7:99 AM” …

It feels right …

(but it’s not)


8:00 AM

One of my Rules of the Internet …

  1. phone calls help, to verify existence
  2. in person is always best
  3. trusted third party who knows the person, personally? – works too

But don’t assume a few tweets “shows you” someone …

What if I said “demons are on twitter”?


7:48 AM

Let me explain “curses” …

Saying “fuck you” is not a curse … “shit” is not a curse …

Declaring “I hope you die”? – now THAT’S a fucking curse.

My TED talk on curses is over …


7:04 AM

“Block early, block often … period.” – Dr. Freckles