LSR Notes: 10/15/20

7:03 PM

I heard the yapple of scroglomite beasts last night …

The tussle of those horned beasts, glowing yellow eyes …

They crawl up to my window, up the tree outside …

They whisper to me as I sleep …

“You can hear our song of splendor, you can see the path to escape …”


4:36 PM

Here is what happened with TWITTER today:

  1. Jack asked his engineering team to test the platform WITHOUT the censorship algos and settings.
  2. Jack found out that his engineering team knew more about social justice communism than about engineering.


3:30 PM

“Something went wrong, but it’s not your fault …” – Jack

Thanks Jack … you arrogant piece of shit.


2:52 PM

Twitter is down …

Now I’m hoping “JACK, you FUCK … please ban me.”


1:04 PM

“Go ahead and be obedient … before my Lord in Heaven? – I’ll be a MAN!” – Dr. Freckles


12:48 PM

Why are we so keen on mixing killers with doctors?

(maybe it’s because hospitals are really death palaces now)


8:34 AM

“Stand up for Christ, or kneel in Hell.” – Dr. Freckles


7:00 AM

Space is so amazing?

(they have patent trolls guarding the entrance)

(that’s how fucking amazing space is …)

“But Dan, black markets can deliver anything …”

“Trips to space?”

“you are racist Dan”

(and scene)


6:42 AM

“Bring forth the Gravic-Beast!”, screamed the hyle-master and 3rd tier gondolord to Lord Uurt …

The Land of Freyling, consumed by fire and orcs, filled with bugbear feces and forbidden dreams …

But only wild dogs … rabid coyote … furious freaks.