LSR Notes: 10/12/20

10:04 PM


Democratic run states use unemployment benefits to reward allies and punish opponents.

  1. guarantee for unqualified allies
  2. deny or revoke for enemy


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My tolerance for cultural marxism and post-modern race theory is ZERO.

If you think I’ve had some GIGANTIC ADVANTAGE because I’m Scotch-Irish? – fuck … show me where they hid the gold.

And if you think people “listen to me” …

(shit man, I’m shadow banned everywhere)

Want to know about my “white power”?

(this is it)

(in all its glory)

(plus maybe 60 rounds)

That’s not really much “power”.

So maybe this “white power” shit is bullshit?

Mossberg Persuader 12 Gauge Pistol Grip Shotgun - $249.99 |


8:10 PM

I was thinking about the service last Sunday …

Some were there in body and spirit.

Others were there in spirit …

… and I say all of you were there …

That’s the community of Christ.

We can be separated by thousands of miles – but we sense the others, and the prayers have power.

All of my brothers and sisters in Christ were there …

And you guys were there in body and spirit.


7:59 PM

Genesis 4:3-5

“… Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor.”

Is God endorsing keto?


7:47 PM

Genesis 11 …

Think …

How much of the anger, hate, disarray is a function of an ancient sin?

How is it we cannot define the word “race”?

What is race?

Are we really different, so different we cannot live the same, be the same?

Is there not variation within the “races”, putting into question the “physical” – pointing towards the spiritual.

We need to see our humanity again – in each other.


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(which means Trump wins)

Gartman: It Does Appear That Biden Is Going To Win The Presidency | Zero Hedge


1:57 PM

Wind turbines …


12:59 PM

I see space as more magical than any faerie kingdom.



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10:23 AM

  1. Social Security was invented by the Prussians.
  2. The Prussians were old evil white men.
  3. Old evil white men are racist.

ERGO: Social Security is racist …

  1. Karl Marx was an old white dude.
  2. Old white dudes (you know the drill) – RACIST …

ERGO: Marxism is racist

The Federal Reserve was created by old racist white men.

ERGO: #FederalReserve is racist …


8:33 AM

“No one owns the truth, excepting God.” – Dr. Freckles


8:16 AM

Let’s say, over several hours, someone gives you the impression that they are the “laughing Buddha”.

How many phone calls, texts, would you get from this “Buddha” if you decide you just don’t want to be involved?

And if the Buddha keeps calling?

(what does that imply?)