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“But what the US seems to be facing isn’t so much political, or religious, or ethnic as it is cultural, which is much more serious. The country is on the cusp of a full-blown cultural revolution.”

~ Doug Casey, International Man, October 2020

In a recent essay on what to expect after the election, Doug Casey points out that there is clearly a cultural revolution happening in America. What that means, he relates to the French Revolution of 1789-1796 which resulted in tens of thousands dead in France, mostly by execution by guillotine.

Of perhaps greater significance, the cultural revolution of China from 1966 to 1976 killed perhaps as many as 20 million people. Figures are hard to come by, as the authoritarian regime in China refuses to acknowledge its own crimes. The Chinese cultural revolution is a more applicable event because it was undertaken by convinced Marxists who saw their role in life as eradicating all meaningful resistance to Marxism, all vestiges of civilisation that had gone before, and all dissenting opinion. Eradication took the form of humiliating people, destroying cultural artifacts including statues, books, music, and torturing to death many, many individuals.

Marxists are exceptionally cruel and exceptionally evil. Marxists hate non-conformity, hate innovation, hate anything that upsets the global banking cartel’s control over the economy. It may sound strange that the bankers have always financed Marxism, and its predecessor, the social contract theories of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but the evidence assembled by Antony Sutton and others is incontrovertible. Simply put, mass-murdering, Moloch-worshipping, baby-raping cannibals hate your freedom and want you either dead, in a slave labour camp being worked to death, or “re-educated” to at least actively pretend to believe in Marxism.

Your country has anywhere from twenty million to sixty million deeply convinced Marxists who may use euphemisms like “democratic socialist” or “anarcho-communist” or other terminology to disguise their actual ravenous appetite for torture, murder, destruction, and viciousness. But, from my perspective, and from having studied at close quarters Marxists, socialists, and pseudo-anarchists of the communist and syndicalist persuasions, I am very confident that these are not people you can trust, not people with whom you can work long term, and not people who want to create anything good, ever.

Free Markets Are Creative
It is an essential truth: free markets are a creative activity. Free markets do many vital and good things. Finding a market-clearing price for goods and services is deeply creative and cooperative. It is impossible to arrive at market clearing prices in the absence of free market, except temporarily and incidentally. A command economy can never work, and always results in bloodshed, suffering, and death.

The people who finance hard-core Marxists like Black Lives Matter include huge corporations such as Bank of America, Nike, Adidas, and others. These are companies willing to pour hundreds of millions to billions of dollars into the cause of destroying America, hurting Americans, and laying waste to cities. Why? Simply put: they know that we know what they are.

Western civilisation, as it has been experienced from roughly 1600 to present includes a great many fantastic works of culture. Art, architecture, books, music, science, scientific equipment, technological innovations – all these things and many more arose because people were, in various places, for various periods of time, more or less free to innovate and create. Marxists are abject failures at creating anything beautiful or valuable. They both hate the freedom which is essential to creativity and hate all the people who are capable of innovation.

Clearly, for the last 200 years or so, what passes for public education in the United States has been increasingly focused on Marxist indoctrination. As a result, students have lost connexion to ancient languages. Whereas Robert Heinlein reported in some of his non-fiction work that Greek and Latin were both taught in public schools at the close of the 19th Century, it is difficult to find either language in a contemporary curriculum, and neither is required for graduation from high school. Similarly, fundamentals like the memorisation of the Declaration of Independence have been given short shrift, and are no longer taught. Americans have been deceived for many generations, to their great harm.

What They Have Done
Understanding the history of America for the last 120 years might be useful, and in other essays I’ve gone over some of the history. The banking cartel began taking control of the major newspapers in the time before the 1898 Spanish American war for empire. His excellent book The Creature from Jekyll Island showcases the detailed understanding of G. Edward Griffin of the period leading up to the creation of the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the Wilson administration’s Black Chamber for domestic espionage, and the other terrible policies of the Progressive era.

More recently, the same banking cartel interests have taken steps to keep themselves from spending the rest of their lives in prison. In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was under arrest and in jail. Within a month, overnight interest rates began to spike. By 15 September 2019, they were about 10%, meaning a total lock-up of inter-bank lending. The bankers, in short, were going to demand another bail-out.

But, those of us who were involved in various Occupy Wall Street projects, including the very good one in Kansas City that encamped across the street from the Kansas City Federal Reserve, included a great many Ron Paul enthusiasts of my personal acquaintance, and marched on the nearby IRS building, would have been adamant in opposition to any proposed bailout, and the bankers knew it. So, in October several things happened.

An abomination was placed in a sacred place by the man calling himself Pope Francis. A simulation known as “Event 201” forecast that a coronavirus pandemic would kill 65 million people. The world military games were held in Wuhan China, affording plentiful opportunities for military spies and State Department spies (often CIA or military intelligence personnel) to visit Wuhan. And a coronavirus outbreak did occur. Also in October 2019, as I understand this matter, a new enterprise created by Bill Gates had received a $100 billion “contact tracing” contract from the USA government. You can, and should, do your own research to confirm or dispute any of the facts I’ve mentioned here.

While you are about it, you should look into a project the Rockefeller Foundation has described as “operation Lockstep” which seems to have been written about back in 2010 or thereabouts. Lockstep details many of the things you are seeing such as lockdowns, “essential worker” categorisation, and imposition of tyranny under the guise of a global pandemic. Why are they doing these things to us?

They know that we know that they are mass murderers, baby rapers, cannibals, and demon worshippers, and they know that we don’t want them to have power over us. So they want to hurt us and, if they are able, destroy our communities, enslave millions or tens of millions of us, and go right on doing all their evil activities.

A Short Window
My view is that after the election in early November, whatever outcome is announced, there will be lengthy disputes about the legitimacy of the voting and vote counting. There will be no concession speech from either side. What has been seen in American cities up to now will go to a much higher level of violence and chaos. Previously peaceful areas of major cities will be targetted by Marxists.

You have some time to prepare. You still have time to sell your home in a major city and buy some rural land. You still have time to form teams with good people you know. You still have time to develop alternatives to existing communications networks many of which are going to be turned off or highly compromised at the outrbreak of the next series of violent events.

What you don’t have is the luxury of complacency. You cannot afford not to take these things seriously. You and your family are in danger in coastal cities. Get uphill. Get out in the provinces.

A confirmed Marxist who was also a very clever strategist and tactician, Mao Zedong, once wrote that power flows from the provinces into the cities. Go look at the power generation systems in your country. Most of them are not inside major cities, but outside them. Power literally flows from the rural areas into cities, on a fragile grid. The people who control the power grid don’t like you being free, in my opinion.

Similarly, water flows downhill, from rural areas in the hills and mountains to the coastal areas where there are major cities. Also, food is produced in rural areas and not as much in cities. So if you want to think strategically, think about getting up into the hills and mountains. Think about where you would go if you had to abandon your home, and come up with two or three places to go, in differing directions, in case one or more is cut off. Think about how you would fight your way through to your bug out location, in each case.

Do I expect a collapse? Yes. Is it survivable? Yes.

Preparation makes all the difference.

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