Expect the … BEST!

  1. First reading: Genesis 8
  2. Greetings/announcement: 10/18/2020, 12th AVE Square Park … next outdoor service. Right down the block from where I live. One of our fellows in Christ has mentioned a bible reading/discussion series that might be hosted on ZOOM or some other online meeting tool. Finally – I’ve been thinking about the underground church … and here are more thoughts on secrecy … and bravery before the Devil.
  3. Second reading: Daniel 12
  4. Third reading: Ezekiel 33:1-6
  5. Prayer to welcome what must come …
  6. Fourth reading: Isaiah 53
  7. Fifth reading: Luke 22:7-38
  8. Discussion: Expecting the best
  9. Prayer for our friends: a moment of silence and prayer for those in our lives that need our prayers and the help of Jesus.
  10. Lord’s prayer …
  11. Blessing and dismissal
  12. contact: me@iamsully.com

Next Outdoor Service:

When: 10/18/2020, 11 AM PST, for 30 minutes (approximately)

WHERE: 12th Ave Square Park, 564 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122