LSR Notes: 10/8/20

6:36 PM

I believe God allows curses – they are certainly in the Old Testament.

I’m tempted to write a curse for Governor Inslee …

(boy do I need to meditate on this one, Jesus)


6:29 PM

If you understand engineering and complexity?

Fuck …

The modern city is a wonderland of disasters waiting to happen.


6:17 PM

Your average National Guard tank park is not that well guarded.

M1 tanks are parked, with fuel in the tanks.

(bolt cutters)

(drives like a motor cycle)

(do the online tutorial)

(70 tons, 70 MPH)


6:15 PM




6:13 PM


Of all possible operations? – kidnapping is ONE OF THE MOST COMPLEX …

And for scenarios like this? – there’s no payoff.

Kidnappings are for people who can’t commit …


6:06 PM

What is a garbage truck?

It is a kinetic battering ram …

Will garbage men protect it with their lives?

Not even remotely the case …

(make sure to steal NEAR the target, just before attack – more difficult, also more agile)


6:01 PM

Having an eye for “value” is a big part of solo-op.

Think of it like foraging, but in this case you are foraging for scenarios …

Like the time I saw the City Workers working on the main power line on Union … and it looked like the access door was poorly secured.



5:56 PM

Can I just admit that I have hate in my heart today, a lot of rage.

I’m not proud of it.

I need to pray on it.

Jesus wants me to find a way of peace.

I have a big decision to make – because there’s not a lot of space for “lukewarm” with Jesus.

(just saying)


5:29 PM


Every possible #boogaloo person’s address is on a target list already.

Probably been war gamed.

They won’t be using “infantry”.

They will be using hellfire missiles … or worse.

They won’t do it slowly – they will take out as many as they can all at once.

Believe it or not, in this flimsy fucking apartment?

I’m safer than most #boogaloo …

They might target a hellfire at me …


I have Jesuits up the street?

(that’s like living near the Eccles Building)

So yeah … meditate on this …


5:17 PM

WHO confirms COVID no worse than the flu … REALLY? (wow)


4:49 PM

This is not a “one size fits all” collapse …

For some of you, some kind of zen-buddhist passive ancap stance MIGHT WORK where YOU ARE AT for a while … till they come for you.

And if you don’t think they have most of #boogaloo targeted at this point? Prepared drone missions?


4:30 PM

“Pol Pot Time”

I fear the NWO sponsored commie CRAZY #BlackLivesMatter is going to go full Khmer Rouge either before or after the election …

I think #Seattle, and other liberal-douche-prog cities, will get scary … scarier.

Think “night of long knives”, but douchier.


4:00 PM

When I was a minarchist/libertarian?

I would get pissed at anarchists … mainly?

(because I suspected they were right)


3:50 PM

COVID LAWSUIT BONDS: how you will pay for your protein cubes at the camp commissary …


3:43 PM

In 2020 …

Out: using the FBI to stop a coup against a constitutional government

In: using the FBI to protect a tyrannical governor


3:13 PM


1:56 PM

  1. there is no pandemic
  2. the coin shortage is bullshit too
  3. voting does not work


  1. it doesn’t get better from here


1:42 PM

Governor Inslee is now in the “Soros” category …

If I were walking along, and saw @GovInslee drowning?

I would toss him a large rock, and keep walking …


1:28 PM

Dear “Blue Lives Matter” Cops:

  1. Ordinary people hate you.
  2. The people you report to? – hate you and despise you more.
  3. They have already sold out your pensions in WA State. You will die penniless in hyperinflation.

But …

You can still get your reward.



1:24 PM

If you are a cop, and you think your “pension” is safe? – you’re a fucking idiot.

If you’re a veteran and you think your “pension” is safe? – you are an EVEN BIGGER fucking idiot.

  • they will target military pensions first
  • they will target law enforcement second


1:13 PM

I think I want to make a poster that says the following:

So you’re a cop?

Everyone hates you?

Wife left you?

Your best friend a bottle?

Don’t fret … you can still hang Governor Inslee.



(your pension is GONE mother fucker)

Guys …

We need to start subverting/seducing cops …

The argument? – too fucking easy …




12:58 PM

Violence solves nothing …



Be smart

Pick your battle

And if you’re like me and almost used up? – take one for the team, that pension? – never gonna be there bro

(take your shot now)


12:37 PM

Remember folks:

  1. First they actually come for the Anarchists.
  2. Nobody includes us in the “poem” later on.



12:34 PM

There is NO RULE OF LAW solution at this point.

You can be a nice little butt slave, and allow Governor Inslee to stick his tiny penis up your butt?


You can take that mother fucker out …

I know there are state police, who itch for it … but listen to “Q”.

(ignore Q)


11:26 AM

  1. Governor Inslee is a criminal tyrant.
  2. we are way beyond the “rule of law”.

If you are organizing to take this fucker down?

  1. don’t talk about it on social media.
  2. don’t talk about it on your phone.
  3. don’t talk about it in public.
  4. keep your team small/trustworthy.


11:02 AM

From November of 2019 … the “monkey virus” scenario. At 2 Hours and 6 minutes, roughly.


10:37 AM


10:10 AM

Right now I have a few layers:

  1. “robbery layer” – global, banker, crony robbery like 2008/2009 … and this is still an ongoing thing.
  2. “NWO layer” – could be, in addition, a takeover.
  3. “Dark Culling” – layer I don’t like thinking about, because it’s so fucking dark.

layer 1 seems certain

layer 2 seems probable

layer 3 of this demonic onion? – I don’t like thinking about too much.


9:59 AM

Here is a “dream” situation …

By 2028, the USA is three separate regions …

  1. Blue-topia: the liberal prog commie black lives matter pedo zone
  2. “Big Texas” – Texas expands to its original dimensions.
  3. The “free zones”: uncontrolled regions, mostly flyover, Florida.


9:45 AM

We are all dying faster than normal … most don’t know it yet, but we are.

What is accelerating this? – tyranny.

What is the cure? – kill the fucking tyrants.

(no rule of law solution exists at this point)


9:33 AM

I hate stupid Marcus Aurelius quotes …

If Stalin wrote a little “happy obedience and crappy Western zen book”?

I would not read that one either …

Nor Mao’s “Little Red Book” …

And no – not “The Meditations” of a fucking Roman Emperor either … sorry …

  1. Stoicism
  2. Zen
  3. Buddhism
  4. New Age Christianity (Baal worship)

Ways of being ok with shit NO ONE should be “ok” with.

If your belief system protects you from being “emotionally disturbed” by the crooked shit going on?

(your belief system is flawed)

Someone I know called me a stoic once …

(what the fuck)

A minimalist: probably … every hobo is.

But a fucking Stoic? – what the living fuck …

(stoics don’t drink beer like me)


9:01 AM

I want to visit you some time, and we can go out with bags filled with rocks …

We’ll go around the city, busting out windows …

If the Canadian cops ask us “wat is dis a’boot?”

I say: “fuck man, me and my buddy are creating jobs!”


8:58 AM

This is the narrative RIGHT NOW:

  1. Trump wins the election.
  2. There might be a false flag OR A “worsening” of covid – that will be used, post election, as pretext for further medical martial law.

This narrative? – by XMAS #Pelosi will be doing joint pressers with Trump.


8:50 AM

“Why isn’t Hillary in jail?”

“You can’t just do that … there’s a legal process.”

“What happened to Duncan Lemp?”

“You’re racist.”

(and scene)


8:33 AM

JESUS – #Pelosi’s friends are getting fucking help, lots of stimulus …

Do you not understand that COVID == AUSTERITY?

The cronies are getting stimulus, the rest of us are being fucked.


(her friends, Trump’s friends, have plenty of stimulus)


8:09 AM

My racist confession …


7:38 AM

  1. bigfoot
  2. Nigerian Prince scam
  3. healthy vegan diets
  4. limited nuclear war
  5. David Duke

(I can keep going)


7:36 AM

… in 2021?

out: impossible burger and other fake meats made from rat poo and lawn waste

in: selling bigfoot flesh on Etsy


6:15 AM