LSR Notes: 10/7/20

11:11 PM

I can’t believe people are talking about “gun permits” at this point … WHAT THE FUCK?


No …

I won’t be getting a permit to carry a pistol.

I’ll just carry one … and you won’t know for sure.

(that’s what I’ll do)


7:00 PM

Survival Quest Theater:

Who: You are the Hewitt family of Southworth, WA. You live in a small house, about 1,000 feet from the beach. You live near a state park and a national forest – for purposes of the simulation, you live on the border of a forest. The year is 2020 or there abouts … the time of year? – let’s say October.

You have two kids – Bobby (2, male) and Lana (12, female).

Me: “Chaos Master” … I show up as “Old Skip”, the hobo that hangs out by the CHEVRON …


  1. “Power is out”: You’ve read in the paper that their might be “power outages”, but you’re not worried.
  2. “Come to the FEMA emergency camp”: in this scenario, your family is told that you must go to a local WALMART that is now a FEMA emergency camp.
  3. “Working with neighbors”: you are facing a problem you need help with, but you have no money. You want to start growing food, in an abandoned lot.
  4. “You smell smoke”: you live near a national forest and you smell smoke. What do you do?
  5. “The great WAVE”: EMS comes on briefly and warns of Tsunami.
  6. “The vaccine folks are coming”: you’ve been notified by the local “block committee” that the National Guard will be administering vaccinations … in two days.
  7. “The kids are sick”: the kids are sick, with something.
  8. “Kids want to join commie group …”: the kids have been told by their friends on the local “commie block committee” that they need to become commies.
  9. “EMS – missiles are coming”: what do you do?
  10. “China Invasion”: local commies are joking about the “great victory” that nears.
  11. “Partisans”: do you join a resistance group? how do you know it’s real? – and let’s have an honest talk about electronic coms, opsec, and encryption …
  12. “Wild Child”: your kids find a lost kid … the kid can’t speak … a young boy, looks to be 10 years old … looks like he’s been in the woods for years.


6:14 PM

You should tell random people this …

“One day, you will be the Leopard Empress of all the lands east of the great river … You will be known for your wisdom, and your fantastic apple pie recipe … In the 12th year of your reign, you will face an adversary from the south … do not worry, you can cap her ass.”


5:59 PM

The Huff-n-glump stalks you in the night …

He hides in the bushes, out of sight …

He smells your butt grease, that whiskey on your breath.

He puts your metal to the test.

If you get stuck in the snow or mud?

He comes at you, like the CHUD.

(and he suckles on your bones)

“Where you going Chet?”

“Gonna get some fishing line … at Walmart … for the fishing trip tomorrow …”

“You going out NOW? … at night?”

“Yes …”

“They say the Huff-n-glump took Old Walter’s black lab …”

“Nah … that’s bullshit.”

(the man is killed later on by it)

I really want to start the “Huff-n-glump” urban legend …

because … it’s not like we have other shit to be worried about in 2020?

How hard would it be to dress up like a “Manbeast” and then run through that reservoir park up on Roosevelt at around 1 AM on a Tuesday?

(Tuesday is the key day for this shit)

And then, start talking about “Huff-n-glump” sightings …

(cats being eaten)


4:44 PM

Fucking getting sick of it … people debating made up numbers …

“The numbers for the COVID aren’t so bad …”



Stop having stupid debates about make believe shit using made up numbers!

“Dan, what if we convince people the covid isn’t so bad?”

“There is no pandemic.”

“But, can’t we just tell people it’s a mild pandemic?”

“What the fuck is a mild pandemic?”

“I think you’re racist Dan”

(and scene)


7:20 AM

If there were “rule of law”?

Governor Inslee would have been arrested THE NEXT DAY after issuing his illegal emergency order …

(but there is no rule of law)

Know this the next time someone says “back the blue” …

Back what?

The enforcers of an illegal government?



7:17 AM


The #Brexit vote only served to make the UK government BIGGER …

(that’s the victory)

(and they’re not leaving the EU)

(that’s how well democracy “works”)


7:15 AM

“But Dan, Trump can’t arrest Gov. Whitmer …”


“The FEDs have no authority …”

“Wasn’t Bob’s farm raided last week for selling raw milk …”

“well … you’re racist.”

(and scene)


7:13 AM

As of right now, per that COTUS you all think works?

Trump has the authority to intercede in MI. Arrest Governor Whitmer.



That’s what would happen.



7:10 AM

“Dan, we’ll reduce the size of government …”

“By doing what?”

“Voting …”

“… like the Brits voted for BREXIT?”

“You’re racist!”

(and scene)


7:09 AM

If there were rule of law in this nation, Governor Whitmer would be arrested on RICO and Federal Human Rights violations and crimes against the U.S. Constitution …

She would literally be treated like a traitor.

If there were still a rule of law …

(but there’s not)


6:48 AM

you ever wake up some days, in the last year and say … “what is going to be my reason for giving a shit today?” … and keep in mind, I’m a Christian … so my answer is always supposed to be “Jesus” … right? … but then I read Ecclesiastes and I’m reminded it’s not that simple … weird thought … I’m trying to “give a shit” and the last few weeks I’ve been struggling. Not sure that’s so peculiar these days.


6:42 AM

the thing is … the government does stupid and dangerous shit WHEN THERE IS NO REASON or no crisis …

One definition for government? – a machine which generates chaos.


6:36 AM

“In Indian, there is a long tradition of wolf children …”



6:08 AM

“Dan, Trump is going to steal the election …”

“Really, how is that?”

“He will steal it …”

“So … that means elections can be easily stolen …”

“…. umm …”

“You think I’m racist now …”

“Yes …”

(and scene)


5:54 AM

during a business meeting at the Detroit Athletic Club in 2007 … a hospital system executive said …

“You’re Irish, right?”


“I didn’t know Irish people programmed computers.”


5:40 AM

There will always be crooks, scoundrels, walking pieces of shit … no amount of government fixes this.

Just the opposite: government is a SAFE PLACE for these shit birds.

Get rid of government? – get rid of a safe place for pedos, crooks, killers, scumbags …


4:45 AM

  1. you know how shitty the “private” hospitals are
  2. you know that the VA hospitals are worse

Then you ponder how hellish VA hospitals must be at this point.

(probably horror movie levels)

(screams for help, in the night, from “valued veterans”)

(no one but the evil hear)


4:37 AM

  1. don’t talk
  2. don’t smile
  3. don’t hug
  4. don’t question
  5. don’t live


4:25 AM

The impression I got of the VA when I was on active duty? The impression I got from folks with more experience?

You go to the VA when you have lost all other hope … You go to the VA if you don’t care if you live or die.

I never heard anyone say “I would go their first”.