LSR Notes: 10/5/20

10:51 PM

you can take shlumpick-grease and hag-corn … and mash that into a paste … and stick that in the toaster oven … or cook it over a dumpster fire …

You can feed off of graveyards of pastry madness …

You can chew on the fat of the swampy-earth …

And never go hungry.


9:56 PM

There were many things my dad was good at …

And he was the toughest man I ever knew – and I’ve known Rangers …

But by God, his greatest skill? – baking salmon, green alder, lemon, butter, garlic, salt, king salmon from the Swinomish fishermen.

Summer near Hope Island.


8:58 PM

there are bases on the moon …

there are bases and whore houses and congliak-bar and grills and places where human flesh is seared by the sun until it is just right …

there are submarines on the Moon ..

submarines fighting battles below the surface, in the great lunar ocean


8:44 PM

When I lived in the time of the busty beast women?

Who strode on pterodactyl and led armies of Morgis-whores?

I too saw the eye of darkness …

piercing my brain, stealing love and robbing me of cookies and home style Shedd’s Spread Country Crock ….

I ate till I bled out.


7:28 PM

“If we can’t hug or smile? – we can’t heal.” – Dr. Freckles


6:39 PM


it is spread through “smites”

If you have chest “smites”, you spread it.

If you are covered in butt parasites, you spread it.

If you eat sushi, and have sushi farts? – you spread it.

If you eat lasagna, but it’s made of fecal matter? – you spread it.

If you live? – you die.


9:07 AM

Want to know why every government on Earth supports the “Apollo Myth”?

Because it promotes the “government myth” …

“Hey … government went to the Moon!”

Governments: they’re mostly good at killing and destroying ….


8:46 AM

“The State of Israel is the Scientology of the Middle East.” – Dr. Freckles


8:33 AM

“But why Albanians?”

“Why not?”


7:50 AM

Why does my sister’s french bulldog “Beans” sharpen bones and then bury them like booby traps … with the sharp end pointing up … ???

(these are “In search of …” style mysteries man)

actually … they have more bravado than sense … so you pretty much strap high-explosives to them and say …

“go boy, attack that tank …”

you breed enough frenchies?

you have an ARMY of suicide bombers


5:24 AM

“DAN … Trump is going to BUILD BASES on the MOON …”

“Really …”

“Yeah …”

“No human has left low Earth orbit since the early 1970’s …”

“You’re racist.”

(and scene)

When we get to “100 years since a human has left low Earth orbit” anniversary … can we maybe admit, at that point, that Apollo was probably bullshit?

once you’ve seen the inside of it?

like being in the military, for example?

it’s hard to believe the government would be competent at ANYTHING … let alone “going to the Moon”

A fucking anarchist that believes the USA did that? – needs to reconsider first principles.

I have zero respect for government competence.

I think that’s the main reason I question Apollo.

“But Dan, the US government used to be more competent … a long time ago …”

“Like during the Vietnam War?”

“You’re racist …”

(and scene)

I laugh when people say “we used to be better” at things …


WHEN Dr. Teller recommended using nukes to “frack” for natural gas?

(and we actually fucking did that?)

(that “competent time” back then?)

I’m almost here:

  1. you can believe NASA/US Government sent “men to the Moon” …


  1. you can be an anarchist