See you at the Luau?

“Round river rocks – local landscape yard called them Montana Round River Rocks 4″-8″. The key is that they are round, never touched saltwater, and don’t crack easily. Steal one rock and throw it into your BBQ on high for an hour….did it explode and kill you? no? good buy a whole bunch more..”

~ Traditional Luau Pig Recipe

Festival Time!

On the most recent Little Saigon Report podcast with Dan “Commander Koenig” Sullivan, he and I discussed hosting a festival in Western Colorado we are calling “the Igloo Luau.” We’re still working on details, but if you want to participate, hit me up.

We’ll have a barbecue pig on Saturday night 26 September 2020 which will be “Igloo Luau Hawai’ian Shirt Day” wherever you are. So if you cannot come to Naturita or Bedrock or Paradox or wherever we end up hosting this event, you can participate in solidarity by wearing a Hawai’ian shirt and, if you wish, eating some barbecue pork. And if pork’s not your thing, eat whatever you wish.

We’re thinking that early bird special will be $100 for the whole event, and corporate sponsors can play for $300 each until we get a lot more ambitious and have thousands of people attending (in the third or fourth year, or sooner, who knows?) or until we say the price needs to rise. Your hosts for the show are Dr. Freckles’ Global Tontine Club (DFGTC.ORG), Houston Space Society, and the Resilient Ways Foundation.

Things are likely to kick off Thursday with an evening gathering. People who want to camp will be able to get into the camping area, people will get the special rate at the conference hotel (which is likely to be some distance from the campground), and there will be a reception that evening for those who like to get involved early.

Friday will include events like panel discussions, demonstrations by exhibitors, mountain biking, horseback riding (bring your own or rent nearby), presentations by speakers, and some sort of dance party Friday evening.

Saturday will have more of the same, plus the exhibit spaces will be fully operational so the corporate sponsors can get full value from their involvement. Plus we’ll have some 3D printers on hand if we get a related corporate sponsor, and some other fun activities.

Sunday will be for breaking down tents and hanging out or moving on, plus some sort of “dead dog party” around noon.

There will be meals available, and we’ll have some sort of advanced registration.

Guns Welcome

The nearest metropolitan area of any sort has a city ordinance encouraging people to keep and bear arms. We also plan to have an archery area and if we can make arrangements with suitable range safety, there will be a gun range. Tomahawk training if someone wants to bring those and hold a class.

You are welcome to organise an event during our event and we’ll even help you pimp it to the pre-registered and here on this site. So if you want to speak, or show people how to make something, or if you want to sell stuff, or if you want to be a musical guest, or if you want to be involved any which way, please get in touch.

Quilting bees? Sure! Knitting circles? Why not! Craft demonstrations on making candles, making soaps, a pie cooking contest and a pie eating contest? We’ll make it sew!

If you know a glass blower, and they want to set up to demo, let me know, that would be fun. If you have some project you’d like to get started, or demonstrate, or talk about, let me know.

Also, if you want to build an airship, let’s get that started, too!

Things are still in the planning stage, but it is not too early to get involved. Remember to register early and often!

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