LSR Notes: 10/3/20

11:35 PM

“Dan, Q is really powerful … the deep state good guys …”

“Really? … then why can’t they keep Trump’s ‘covid’ a secret?”

“Dan … you’re racist.”

(and scene)

If you make something public, when you have the power to keep it private? – you are opening yourself up.

If you make public that the “magical monkey herpes pandemic virus” has infected you?


People are dying: because of the reaction


10:29 PM


10:28 PM

some days I want to grow to 500 feet tall and smash the evil people … wherever they might be …

some days I think the whole world is dark, empty …

other days I find enough joy to keep going. those are good days. I still have a few, enough, of them.


7:41 AM

“pixelation in the supply chain”: portends really terrible shit on the horizon …

(assuming you like food)


7:10 AM

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War with Iran, Peace with China … scenario:

  1. Trump dies.
  2. President Pence makes Bill Gates “Covid Czar” – vaccines for all, no choice.
  3. Immediate attack on Iran.
  4. Peace treaty/trade deal with China.
  5. Printer goes brrrrr
  6. Crack-up-boom


7:07 AM

Rule of law has been dead in this country for about 6 months …

(you should remember this when a cop pulls you over now)


7:03 AM

I said “you should sue if you lived in that CHOP (Seattle) hell hole and you pay property taxes …”

Mayor Durkan ALLOWED THIS SHIT … and then sent the commies up her own butt to go “see, see … they came for me too” … ok Jenny … I can see you’re scared.

But sue?

(there is no rule of law)

(why am I telling anyone to sue anyone)


6:47 AM

If you think “Black Lives Matter” is real? – you’re a moron.

It’s as real as any fake commie front is …

If you think there is a “pandemic” right now?

(I can’t help you, or your kids – who you will likely poison when papa Trump – if he lives – demands you take the vaccine)


5:21 AM

Hey Dan, what document did they make you sign at the bank?

How the fuck do I know?

… my glasses were off … WHY WERE MY GLASSES OFF?

Because they fog up and stay fogged up with the fucking mask on … can’t come in without it on, must sign document with it on …

my clothes were melting …

I really needed the fucking coins …

A friend of mine said “go to the Post Office for coins …”

Right …

I feel like you want me to bargain for “lesser dystopias” …

“Hey, Dan, there are quarters at the Post Office …”

Like in “Grapes of Wrath” …

“Orange picker jobs, just up the road …”

(but nothing)

I think we should assume the rule of thumb now is there are no rules …


5:17 AM

I can’t begin to explain how “washing my clothes” this morning feels almost spiritual …

It saddens me that getting “quarters” to wash my nasty ass clothing, involved “signing a document” and walking around the dystopian hell zone that is #Seattle.


4:54 AM

Jim Jones … and America right now.


4:46 AM

DOL checks are bouncing …


4:39 AM

Space is so special – the “black market” can’t even escape it … not even light can.


4:37 AM

These fuckers, about 4 decades ago, talking about how “we’re going to space …”

But look at those sad fucks … they’re not.

And the “black market” apparently can’t help them either – because “space” is “special”.


4:33 AM

  1. there are viruses – lots of them … some are corona type. Some are deadly. Covid-19 is not a deadly virus in any meaningful sense.
  2. there is no pandemic right now.

(both of the above statements are true)

(no amount of autistic screaming changes 1 or 2 above)


12:29 AM

This “Trump is sick” thing could mean a lot of things … and none of them are that good.


12:14 AM


  1. Trump dies from #Covid19.
  2. Pence declares “we have proof the #Chinese did it ..”
  3. US Forces attack Chinese “islands” in S. China Sea.
  4. China invades Taiwan.
  5. Escalation to full scale conventional conflict.
  6. First side to fear loss? – launches nukes.

The only way Pence gets to be POTUS?

If WW3 with China is what’s next on the menu.


12:01 AM

  1. Trump gets sick, recovers.
  2. Trump makes Bill Gates “Covid Czar” …
  3. Vaccines become mandatory.
  4. Welcome to MAGA-Dystopia …

Dear Maga-head, you gonna take the vaccine?

or …

Trump dies …