LSR Notes: 10/2/20

11:38 PM

Did “Q” predict this “Trump COVID” thing?

What happens to Q if Trump dies?


11:29 PM

House to house attacks from #BlackLivesMatter is coming next. And since they work with the #SeattlePoliceDepartment? – that means cops will be ushering #BLM, around #seattle, to terrorize you …

(remember THAT when you’re paying your taxes to be a “member of a society”)


11:23 PM

Want to have a fun conversation?

Bring up #Fukushima to a “mask wearing freak”?

Mention all the waste from above ground H-bomb testing that is slowly leaking in the Marshall Islands?

Ask them if they eat fish …

Then punch their mask wearing face to wake them the fuck up.


10:45 PM

I try to do most of my business between 8 AM and Noon …

The #BlackLivesMatter commies are still mostly focused on doing crack and meth and pcp … so they don’t really fuck with you between those hours.

The noise from the alley sounds like #BlackLivesMatter is running the hobo games again …

Out there, doing meth, tossing hobos into the rat pit next to the abandoned lot …

Commies buggering each other, raping pets, doing pcp and drinking gasoline …

For justice.


10:08 PM

5 hours ago Trump was notified that the Treblumite Klan of solar-unity-vibration 909 are on their way, to Earth …

(we owe them money too)

They intend to take ALL our chicken strips … but in exchange? – they will teach us their love techniques …

(that’s what happened)

Three gumptick space fleets have been dispatched …

They will hide behind the Moon – then pop out … fire their blastanoid cannons and completely butt schizzle those plaster-master gumbous fucks ….


In the end, all will burn … die.


9:39 PM

We are doing a new format for LSR, and I’ll be talking with “Todd” and “Cecil” concerning “survival quest theater” … SQT … Survival Quest Theater … I like that.

RULES: I pose a scenario to one “survival quest participant”, they answer … and the other participant gets to provide a response … not necessarily in opposition … this is an “infinite game” of life, where we learn from each other.

We are vibrating crystals …

  1. “On the trail with the elk …”: think of scenarios where you encounter an animal. Even animals that are not strictly “predators” can be dangerous … you encounter a moose or elk the wrong time of year? And it’s sex-crazy? It might think you’re an opponent male … or … God forbid, a female.
  2. “Crossing the river …”: fording water, rivers, streams, crossing lakes, swamps … this is bad terrain. Using beaches can be dangerous … tides shift, and a piece of land that is dry can be under water in seconds.
  3. “Quest for fire …”: do you know how to make fire, if you have no tools at all? How would you do this? How would you keep it going? What are the risks of fire? Can you live without it?
  4. “How to purify water …”: you can live without food, for a while … but you NEED water almost immediately.
  5. “Scavenger hunts …”: a general discussion on looking for things, that are useful, and they can be natural OR garbage.
  6. “Do you eat that?”: ask the “survival quest dude” if they can describe a food they can forage for or hunt or trap or whatever … in nature … in the fucking city.
  7. “Escaping the mob, riot torn city …”: get the fuck out AFTER “Humongous” arrives? … how.
  8. “Sucking chest wound …”: wounds, injuries, sprains, aches … broken bones.
  9. “Bears …”: what the fuck? brown? Black? do they have a weakness?
  10. “How to fish if you have NO FUCKING ANYTHING …”: fishing in various environments without equipment. Sometimes you find garbage you can use.
  11. “The plane is going to crash …”: yeah – we’re going there.
  12. “Sewers …”: yes, we must go there.
  13. “Cutting yourself off …”: do you isolate yourself, once you’ve “made it” … blowing bridges, dropping trees and causing avalanches to block roads … blowing dams … is it smart to use obstacles to create geographical isolation, worst cases … apocalypse talk.
  14. “Crystals …”: what’s some hokey ass bullshit you’ve heard “survival experts” say?


5:52 PM

“riot copter” is hovering around the #CentralDistrict and #FirstHill in #Seattle

Seems like the #Addidas sponsored NWO commies (#antifa/#blacklivesmatter) will be having anal sex with dogs on 12th AVE again .. probably set a porta potty on fire … probably do PCP and rape cats.


5:49 PM

my bank made me sign a #Covid19 document today, so I could get quarters … so I can wash my nasty disease (actual disease) ridden clothes …

This is the America you want me to solute?

Fuck that cowardly bullshit …

This has become a nation of pansies and fucktards and shits


5:35 PM

I think I’m going to walk down the streets next week, yellow phlegm make-up on my face … red marks for blood … and the fecal marks? – they’re real …

And I’ll mutter “I’ve got the COVID, hug me before I die …”

I’ll do this up and down 12th …

(until the cops come)

if there is a future with rational people and actual scholars?

One day they will marvel at this …

“what the fuck was wrong with people”

(if there is a future like that)


5:22 PM

  1. yes: there is product, of your mind, that you have a RIGHT to protect.
  2. If you FAIL to protect your mental property? – then you really didn’t own it.
  3. Government is the WORST POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the intellectual property problem.


4:51 PM


3:57 PM

“Harvest the strankus meat!”, said the lord PLUME!

His mind focused on numbers of tractors for tomorrow, but no sense that the people are starving – today.


… but only the rats heard his sermon.

The children of tomorrow die slowly under the yoke.


7:48 AM

“But Dan, people over 80 are dying in droves …”


(that’s so shocking)


6:46 AM

Weapons grade uranium is easier to work with, for bomb making – but also requires more mass for equivalent fission bomb.

Plutonium is great, you need less mass: but you have to achieve critical mass quickly, or you get a “fissile” event … basically dirty bomb.


12:49 AM

50% : Trump is dead in a week.

President Pence loses election.

Biden gets COVID, and dies …

President Harris, sworn in … with all the juice to go full-board medical martial law on EVERYONE … pucker up.