LSR Notes: 10/1/20

11:52 PM

“Abortion is no big deal Dan …”

“Yeah … why is that?”

“Well … it’s not really a person yet.”

“Ok, so if someone, like Chrissy Teigen has a miscarriage, it’s no big deal?”

“You’re racist …”

(and scene)


11:23 PM

Miscarriage is a tragedy? – yes.

What does it mean when a celebrity makes a deal out of it? – hard to say.

When that same celebrity is MAP/pedo-friendly AND promotes the culture of abortion? – hard to take seriously.

Sorry – abortion is miscarriage on PURPOSE.

Sorry, no simp.

If you go around saying “it’s no big deal to abort a baby” … fine.

But don’t troll for sympathy when you have a miscarriage – do what normal people do: deal with it in private, with your family.

And if you make it public?- don’t fucking complain that you are being “attacked”.


10:58 PM

The “election” is a fiction – all of them are …

But, the “election” needs to be plausible, up to a point …

What if there is a coup happening RIGHT NOW and it starts like this – ends with “Trump died of covid”.

Trump ends up retiring to a new life, perhaps in S. America.

  1. Trump fakes a bad case of #Covid19
  2. The fakery boosts a little sympathy for him.
  3. Gives him the juice to push a vaccine on the MAGA freaks.
  4. Bill Gates wins.


My lack of tolerance for the “covid lie” is connected to the fact THAT PEOPLE ARE FUCKING KILLING THEMSELVES!


This isn’t some harmless lie like “we went to the Moon”.

I can see a scenario where “Trump dies” …

And the Democrats are like “he was such a statesman”.

And Bill Gates is like “he totally wanted to do the vaccine bro”.

Holy fuck – of all mind fucks, that would take the cake.


10:28 PM

“The president says he has the #covid19” – so it must be true.

A pedophile curious celebrity claims to have a miscarriage – so it must be true.

We should step back and wait …

Perhaps when you’re being lied to ALL THE FUCKING TIME … that maybe the smart move is to wait.

Chrissy Teigen lying OR amping up what happened is easy to explain: she has bad press on some pedo comments she’s made …

Trump’s lie about “having covid”? – this isn’t so obvious.

Doubtful it helps him, sympathy wise …

Could be cover to getting to a DUMB … meaning?

Trump’s lie is actually worrisome … I don’t think he has “the virus”, but I do think there’s some reason he wants to get to a deep underground facility …

Weird …

about 3 months ago, the future started looking like a black wall of nothing.

makes me wonder ..


10:19 PM

Covid-19 is one of the most successful mind fucks in human history … way bigger mind fuck than Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” … or even the Gulf of Tonkin or 9/11 …

Huge mind fuck …

And it’s probably killed millions, in suicides alone ….

mind you: none die from it, from “covid”.


7:00 PM


6:57 PM

Black holes, by necessity, require white holes?


6:52 PM

If I had a “time machine”? – I’d go back and slap you in the face …

I would have put urine in your soda, at school … because you SUCK … if I had a time machine.

If I had a time machine, I would make out a list of enemies who must NEVER expand their family tree …

If …


6:47 PM

every time I feel shitty about my piano playing?

I listen to “In Search Of …” sound tracks …

(and then I don’t feel so bad)


6:42 PM

  1. space
  2. Jesus
  3. crypto


  1. crystals …

(really great chum)


6:35 PM

556 people (plus or minus) have been to “space”.

It’s pretty hard to know someone, personally, that’s been to “space”.


6:27 PM

A lot of boomers …

And a few X-Gen …

Are looking to “crystals” to save them …

(when the REAL MOB comes? – and you’ll know this because you’ll start seeing triple strand anchored concertina wire)

When the real mob comes, the crystals won’t help you …

You need a gun.


6:21 PM

I believe people are skinny, fat.

If you’re skinny, that’s fine.

If you’re fat, that’s fine.

I think everyone grows old, so definitely enjoy your youth while you have it.

And a lot of us spend too much time worrying about other people’s “impression” of us … fuck that crap.


6:09 PM

women, why can’t you look like this?


6:00 PM

I love dinosaurs … hell … I love SPACE!



and that guy who ran his car on water?

I love this shit …

But I should have been born in Missouri …

I’m a “show me” guy …

So yeah – friggin dinosaurs rock!

All crazy and fighting and HUGE.


5:57 PM

“missing links”

There’s a reason why they’re called “missing”.

And every few years, you’ll see some bullshit article in Nature about a “new form between ape and human” …

But I’m not sure they’re proving it.

I think they’re finding things, and hoping carbon dating works.


5:55 PM

Given recent discoveries of cartilage in “dinosaur bones” …

It makes you wonder.

And I do wonder how much of what we’re told is bullshit.

It’s like saying: “Let’s debate evolution …”

How would you rationally discuss something so abstract and confused?

(a very silly act)


5:51 PM

Dinosaurs have done nothing for me.

If you tell me: “Dan, millions of years ago there were these things called dinosaurs ….”

I’ll listen … and I’ll entertain the idea.

But I really don’t know what to tell you – the relevance of purported “dinosaurs” is zero, low stakes.


5:45 PM

CREED is the greatest band of all time.


5:33 PM

I don’t trust Chris Martenson … he just said something insane.

“Well, your odds of dying from COVID go up exponentially after 80 …”


My dad died when he was 68.

Most people I’ve known, dead by 80.

Yeah Chris – you stupid fuck … odds do go up.

I used to love listening to Chris Martenson.

I think he got the “virus” wrong – big time.

He might have gotten it wrong because of ignorance and prejudice …

He might have gotten it wrong because of malice.

I suspect a LOT of “alt” sources are really CIA owned hangouts.


5:25 PM

I have a cosmological agnosticism that applies to both space and time …

So the Paleo-Eocene Thermal Maximum?

55 million years ago?

I don’t even know if I believe there was a “55 million years ago”

Yes: I’m a Christian. Make fun.

“You don’t believe in dinosaurs …”



5:22 PM

King County Metro charging again, interpretations:

  1. entitled essential workers trying to keep homeless people off the bus.
  2. weird funding issues for retirement funds, pensions, other obligations – no FED cash?.
  3. more Psy-op, to fuck with people. To make it seem like “it opened up”.


4:55 PM

In order to get quarters, for laundry? – I have to set up an appointment at my bank …


4:42 PM

2055, 10 years into the V’rib War of Sector 009-echo …

The busty witch-women of complex-12 have been stealing Camaros, and driving all crazy, late at night …

Nord-legion marks the day until the unveiling of plasma-juice … the next energy drink for hunting the long pig.


4:27 PM

(a conversation from 2027)

“You going down to Stratt’s?”


“Get tusto grease?”

“I got no coin for that …”

“How you gonna make your holiday meals this year?”

“Been collecting coyote liver …”

“coyote liver?”

“yeah … that plus trog-noodles, I have Thanksgiving.”


4:24 PM

Communism: Trash Panda Republic


4:17 PM

Azerbaijan military music video is so 2020 and so boogaloo …


3:58 PM

7844 B.C. …

The Chug tribes of Sumeria made a deal with Lord Tethloz of Jardan-76 …

Tethloz gave the Chug people the fork-tool, the trib-laser, and the lesbian love juices that power the star ship …

(all that is required are two beautiful women wrestling, powers it all)


10:08 AM

“Lady … I’ll let you play with my dick before I let you play with my shotgun.” – Dr. Freckles


8:55 AM

Subway bread … yum.

“Wrestling Mats”


8:45 AM

King County Metro is charging fares again …

(interesting new fact)


7:26 AM

the Xort-Lair hooker armies will rise up …

they will form cadres of scantily clad mungis women, armed with machetes …

they will scour the city in search of food and whiskey and cocaine and pleasure …

a lusty calamity will result …

all will die in brimstone and fire.


7:10 AM

Nimoy’s “dirty sanchez” phase …


7:04 AM


7:01 AM


12:41 AM

“To travel successfully in deep space … man would have to hold his breath … for a long time.” – Rod Serling

The Outer Space Connection (1975)


12:33 AM

“Every law of probability proves that there is other life in the universe.” – Rod Serling

(sigh: lost a lot of respect Rod)