Grug’ing …

“Grug’ing” became popular, among progressives, after the election loss to Trump in 2016. A lot of Democrats went a little crazy … they began shoving produce up their butts, as a strategy for alleviating their despair.

After several months of shoving organic produce, washed and covered in virgin olive oil, up her butt? – Darya Moon of the N. California collective figured out that “washed and peeled potatoes” were best for grug’ing …

This led Darya to open the first holistic grug’ing clinic in Holliston Lake, CA.

Grug’ing consists of the following:

  1. peel and wash uncooked potatoes
  2. dip 3 medium sized potatoes or one large Idaho spud (peeled and washed) into virgin olive oil
  3. shove the potatoes up your butt, until you feel better
  4. then perform multiple yoga moves, with the potato in there … up your butt
  5. and you will feel better about Trump, if you do this for 45 minutes (fully clothed)