LSR Notes: 9/28/20

6:42 PM

Orange man needs to take vid of him writing a check back to himself, for $750, using the White House checking account.


5:41 PM

stare at the death, happening before you …

each dead thing that falls off your body is a flare, shot up, signaling the coyotes “this guy … he’s seeing you soon” ..

that gray hair? – it’s your clarion call … GET GOING.


Find your liger.


9:16 AM

“God is not a magic trick.” – Dr. Freckles

Magic tricks are “low stakes” … Jesus doesn’t do that.


9:00 AM

Got back from shopping, and …

  1. saw a couple, wearing masks, with their kid
  2. saw another bus, half fool, by mandate of Seattle/King Count

I also saw that PCC was low on ground beef … what does that mean?

  1. I saw a thirsty, hungry crow
  2. PCC low on ground beef

What does this mean?