Prayer for Forgiveness and Repentance …

Jesus Christ,

Your death signaled the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one.

On the cross you took the sins of all time, of all souls, and carried the pain and sorrow of this.

You lay in the tomb for 3 days, and in that time you must have seen every sin, including mine, including the sins of those I love and those I despise.

You did this to wash the world, but also to teach.

Lord in Heaven, you died on the cross so that we may have a lighthouse on those stormy and treacherous “nights of the soul”. You gave us a point in the distance, to set our course, freeing us from the pain and misery of hate and regret and vengeance.

Punishment is God’s, not ours.

Punishments do happen, there are consequences.

Lord in Heaven, I pray as I wander this world that I remember: the sins I carry were meant for you … so in repentance I must give up those burdens … in place of those burdens is the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, forgive me my sins. Forgive the sins of my enemies. Forgive the sins of my friends. And if we must suffer chastisement? – grant us the wisdom to see a way through, towards you, Jesus, and towards love.

In your name, Jesus Christ, we serve.