LSR Notes: 9/27/20

9:36 PM

“Show me the concertina wire!” – Dr. Freckles


9:14 PM

We are all stochastic representations of a shallow and fleeting world … to each other we are gunkis …

In the time of Lazor? – we could run merrily through the wompas-brush, being chased by tee-diglers …

But now the PCP is nearly dry, and the heart muscle is calcified, old


8:48 PM

This #election2020 is one big lame turd.

At some point, if I see a lot of propaganda from ANY OF YOU FUCKING VOTERS?

I think I will be purging …

Just don’t push too much of that stupid voter shit.

“Trump didn’t pay taxes …”

“Biden has dementia …”

I fucking don’t care.


8:33 PM

I used chilled bogroolian mist …

I collect it on a moonlit night, as the summer sprites dance down in the hollow … and the birds sing songs of bastard kings.

I mix this with sumptous-pollen and weeble grease …

I boil this for 24 hours, into a thin wafer.

(then swallow)

tis a rare thing … a will-o’-the-wisp …

such things are found in the fleeting time of longing, as the snow melts, and one flower shows through?

But that flower pisses you off.

So you grab some lighter fluid, and burn it, and stamp it, and bury next to that guy you killed.


8:14 PM

“If you love someone, you shouldn’t set them on fire.” – Dr. Freckles


8:04 PM

what is love?

if it isn’t the vortex …

a pulling in of outsides …

a pushing out of insides …

and then everything becomes a mess …

At that moment your eyes lock, after so many years. You see in the other that tornado passion … and you travel to the stars, to desire.


2:45 PM

BLM … $200K …

Seems like ordinary people are starving … but BLM is getting free FED money …

God does NOT bless America in this case …


2:07 PM

Whenever I hear people say “Dan … the government wouldn’t do THAT …”


Your government once frack’d for natural gas using a nuclear weapon.

Please, tell me what they won’t fucking do?


2:04 PM

“Darkest hour is before the dawn …

Great … I love that …


Do you know what time it is?

(so to speak)


2:00 PM

  1. how everything magically goes back to normal on Nov 4th, and how this is related to a new energy drink I’m going to sell.
  2. “Barret” the supreme nominee
  3. The coming of super-lockdown …
  4. There’s still food, but for how much longer …
  5. other stuff


12:58 PM

People keep saying “there’s gonna be a military coup …”


This already happened … November 22nd, 1963 …


12:36 PM

A lot of beast-system promoters are HUGE FANS of the #blockchain.

Predictive programming on this is all over the web … “you have no choice, you must use crypto when it comes, what … you don’t want to eat?”

Sorry – but the beast-system works like this.

(free worlds don’t)


12:27 PM

When they cut us off from loved ones who are dying?

When they tell a mother she cannot see her child?

When they tell a son or daughter they cannot see their parent?

Pure evil.

This is the “reset”, the “NWO” – also known as the Beast.

They won’t let you eat, until you kneel.


11:21 AM

whatever happened, it shall pass … this is twitter.

Twitter grievances, slights, insults … still just twitter.

But …

Crimes against the witch-clan of Tacoma?

Those crimes are never forgiven …

All the covens will hunt you in the night as you run bleeding and on fire.