LSR Notes: 9/26/20

10:29 PM

“The more hate you have, the funnier you’ll be …”


10:23 PM


10:00 PM


8:58 PM


Men and women will hunt the groggen-beast of the sewer, harvest the telephone fruit … the cats down by the river.


Factions from sectors 3 and 78-Zebra will join forces and launch an attack on Taco Time … steal the protein

Soon? Somewhere?

People will do “it”.

she is fancy-pants-mungle-flesh …

Her kind will die out during the first epoch of Rejuvenation, when the soil shall be re-fueled with the decaying lumps of hipster thunkis-folk.

all the rat-lords of Xorton will shout in the loudest voice:



3:42 PM

  1. Fauci
  2. Jim Jones

(compare and contrast)


2:47 PM

“Space has never been an important concern, for me.” – Dr. Freckles


12:52 PM

I had a vision of what the apostle Stephen looked like today …

Have you ever had a vision of that person, from the Bible?

It gets clearer, as you understand more.

I wonder, if it’s the face of the person, becoming real, through faith and worship?

I know: weird thought


7:33 AM

DEUT 23:9-14

This is some #boogaloo shit for those of you “getting ready”.


7:28 AM

they shall sing songs of you son

when the great cannon is fired and the virgin queen of Issaquah comes forth from the river of neglect?

50 handmaidens will dress her in clove and sweet fruit and all jumbulous silk is laid upon her …

She sings for you man.

And that’s cool.


7:24 AM

Nahum 3 … is “Nineveh” Seattle?


5:58 AM

hlumpet-gangs formed
rebar and axes and machetes and steel pipes have been issued
targets: Lord Diss, Franktas and the last Castle of Lame in Magnolia
All huglemick tribes outside of King County have been summoned using mind frequency Zebra-Bravo

end of line


5:47 AM

She was on Episode 1, Season 2 of “Fringe”


one other thing … there are scenes of her flipping through the bible and seeing “the beast” … 2009 …

(weird stuff now, in retrospect)

Fringe #Season2 #Episode1 #TheBeast #MeghanMarkle