LSR Notes: 9/25/20

8:36 PM

“A secret is something you can keep … there … I solved your intellectual property problem …” – Dr. Freckles


8:11 PM

I think I’m verbin-folk, and I get dumped.

dumped in the Duwamish

Fish grease

Huglameck Tribes from realm-Alpha-6 are ravaging the rat-women of Strimbous Street.


7:46 PM

The Michael Rockefeller case makes zero sense.

I don’t buy the “he drowned” or “head hunters ate him”.

The press conferences with his dad? – something off about them.

I think he was on the run because he learned the truth, and that’s part of the ritual … spook the kill.


6:29 PM

Sometimes it feels like “Q” and “Satoshi” are the same motherfucker.

(the same mind fuck)


6:15 PM

What’s my mood tonight?

Somewhere between the “Big Lebowski” and “Straw Dogs” …

(somewhere in there)


5:53 PM

The commies have been quiet on my part of 12th since setting the porta-potty on fire back in July …

Been a while ..

Black Lives Matter/Antifa poop-commies of #Seattle are focused on other places … very sad.

But I think they’ll be coming around again, those scrumbly whores.


5:15 PM

Re-using condoms …


4:46 PM

There’s something depressing about Butch Cassidy surviving S. America …

I don’t want to think of that guy, moping around, checking in on old friends …

Better he dies in a gunfight in Mexico or something, per the Peckinpah canon …

But winding down like a pocket watch?


9:31 AM

When I die, these will be my last words …

“… I almost got away with it …”


8:00 AM

“Writing is mostly bullshit.” – Dr. Freckles


7:38 AM

Raytheon has been dropping Sky-Gumbous on us again …

“Raytheon Rain” … yay

Want to know why I drink sometimes? – BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT?

I am being poisoned every day … all around … in the air, water, food …

(why the fuck not?)

sky poison?

“All Say Tangata Manu”

welcome to my life-plan since 2016 …

Jesus wants me to do better, but that’s the hole I get pulled into: this shitty shit shit thing is going to shit … why not drink.