Stop Obeying. Your Chains: Break Them

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1775

The time has come to stop obeying. The truth is that all jobs and all businesses are essential to the people who depend on their job and their business to survive.

There are only about 180,000 police in the United States. There are tens of millions now out of work, and tens of thousands of businesses that are closed. If you re-open your business and you’re the only one, the cops will come and close you up. If you re-open your business and everyone else in your community do the same thing, you outnumber the police.

On the 19th of April in 1775, men in Massachusetts opened fire on British troops at Lexington, at Concord bridge, and then all the way back to Boston. Americans won their independence by defying authority.

If you want to be free, re-open your business on 19 April 2020. If you want to be free, come to work on 19 April 2020. If you want to be free, invite your friends over for a party on 19 April 2020. If you want to be free, keep and bear arms on the 19th of April.

But What About Gramma?

No, I don’t hate the elderly, no I don’t want you to make other people sick. Nothing about this virus is ever going to go away because there are 370 trillion viruses all around you all the time, 60 trillion bacteria in and around your body, and only 6 trillion body cells. This virus is just like any other virus, except perhaps it was designed to have 1000x (three orders of magnitude) more effectiveness at binding with the human genome. Learn about this topic from Derrick Broze and Dr. Shiva.

It was used in China to end the protests against the authorities in Hong Kong. It was used in China to go around and gather up the dissidents, beat them, torture them, and harvest their organs. If you allow it to be used to force you to take ID2020, then Bill Gates is ready to make trillions of dollars ear tagging seven billion people and killing as many of them as disobey.

The World Health Organisation is run by an ardent Maoist communist who wants to enslave humanity. So is the Speaker of the House.

In order for them to force you into slavery, you have to obey them. So, don’t obey them. Your chains: break them.

You have the power to refuse. You have the power to dance at a party when you wanna dance. You have the power to have a party when you choose. You have the right to peaceably assemble and to practice your religion. So, worship as you please, party as you please, keep and bear arms, and stand up for your freedom.

The people of the Warsaw Ghetto chose 19 April 1943 because they remembered Lexington and Concord. Now is a good time to honour their choice, to honour your heritage as an American, and to choose freedom.

If you want to live free, if you want your children to live free, now is the time to stop listening to the same people who have been lying to you for generations, for over a century, since the Hearst media lied the country into the Spanish American war in 1898.

If you want to lick the boots of the statists, believe the operators of the protected cartel in restraint of trade in healthcare who claim to be the medical profession (and are doing massive harm to tens of millions of Americans right now), believe the academics who want a communist or “democratic socialist” revolution led by people like them, then continue as you were. I don’t care. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may you be beaten by that hand repeatedly, may your shackles chafe and itch, may your wounds become infected, and may you suffer a long time. Do Americans the courtesy of not pretending you are American.

Have a party. Set off fireworks. Open your business. Bring your friends around with their guns to watch out for you. Keep and bear arms. Don’t take the orders of the police and don’t go home when you are told. Rebel.

Organise your friends and family. Prepare for the consequences of open rebellion. But rebel. Make them back down.

If you won’t stand up, they’ll run over all your freedom forever. If you will stand up, you have the ability to make them back down.

It’s that time. Igloo luau.



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