LSR Notes: 9/24/20

11:18 PM

  • you are dressed in black?
  • with 500 of your best friends from commie-land?
  • and you and your 500 friends are blocking the road?

I hit the throttle baby.

I scream Valhalla as I run over your bodies.

I hope I am driving a dump truck.


When will people stop being so fucking stupid?


That precedes an attack.

When I see #BlackLivesMatter fools? – I see commie insects.

Don’t give the insects a chance to act as such.


Kill a commie, kill two.

They are violating NAP by blocking vehicles and disrupting traffic.

This is why I want a 5 shot 12 gauge revolver with recoil assist cylinder progression.

All I want is that and the single shot .50 rifle round recoil assisted pistol …

And a 9 mm belt fed carbine … with 1,000 rouds in the back pack … AP rds

this is all I want, no biggee

BTW: what thoughts are going through a driver’s head when they just hit someone and NOW they are slowing down to let the mob get to them?

FUCK … get the FUCK out of there …

These are commie crumbo freaks …

A creative motherfucker would steal a dump truck and take it to a #BlackLivesMatter “protest” …

Do a “fuck around, find out” test …

See how many commies can be smashed in one pass.

That’s IF this were not scripted bullshit.


10:38 PM

He is shumbly-tuss, the dead bee.

Being dragged by the soldier bee to the body dump …

He will be unceremoniously tossed onto the pile of history.

Small insects will feed, life will grow.

Shumbly-tuss will fade into new things.

And the body dump will grow wings.

Bee life.


9:36 PM

… here’s the thing though that most people don’t know about time travel, and it’s why they fail …

time travel? – depends on credit card numbers … working ones … with a balance and a pin number you can give me plus your 3-factor auth … for this to work … or gold too.


9:19 PM

  1. bake sand/clay/rock sections to near melting point.
  2. have enmeshed, within the form, a wire and anchor metal mesh. With hardened anchor points. so the metal skeleton is baked into the wall.
  3. Design these like legos.
  4. you could start with bricks.

weird idea


8:58 PM

Psalm 24 … might be a repeat …


8:47 PM

I also need funding for this project:

I want to build a giant ground based antenna …

I want to transmit, in a mathematical language, the words “fuck around, find out” …

I just want to see what would fucking happen …


8:16 PM

I have this really fun idea.

I want to start leaving time capsules all over the place.

But in the capsules I bury? – total bullshit, stuff that NEVER happened, ideas that go nowhere.

I think some would consider this bad.

I consider this a test …

A simple challenge.

“Fuck with the Future” project:

A project to bury time capsules, some at sea, that will contain nothing but crap.

Total crap … probably old copies of “The Weekly World News” …

I only want a million dollars, and a fast car …

A sexy gf ..

A Hawaiian shirt …

Some coke.


8:13 PM

“In Search Of …” is the Coldplay of TV mystery shows …


7:41 PM

The only way to really know what you look like?

You have to rip off your face, and hold it in front of your uncovered pulpy bulbous, and as it drips your warm blood, look at that skin mask and marvel …

then you will probably die …

or maybe you become a monster, or a bat.


7:35 PM

Dear #Maga folks:

If Papa Trump tells you the nation has to be locked down, again, but worse, will you go along with this?

Is this the “America” you envision?

This stinking Bill Gates’ dystopia?

Just asking …

My guess? – many will turn in their guns to Trump, when he asks.

and when I say “again” … let’s be honest … the first lock down never ended … they just loosened the screws a little … they’re still sticking bamboo under our fingernails, so to speak.


7:12 PM

this is a great idea:

  • single shot
  • recoil assisted
  • .50 cal RIFLE ROUND


It’s like …

“He buddy, are you looking for me?”

“Naw, but this chunk of metal is …”


Barrel slides on recoil pistons and ejects single round …

fast reload design …

I want to call it a SKLANK gun …

I want to have a bandoleer too … of .50 cal rifle rounds …

and a Hawaiian shirt …

and a 1968 cherry red Pontiac GTO …

can you imagine driving down the street, in that GTO, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and being armed with a short-barreled-recoil-assisted-polymer-titanium-.50-rifle-pistol?

Just stick that thing out the window, fire an explosive round at the Hlookie gang bangers chasing you


6:57 PM

I went to see Dr. Grunkis last week …

He asked me “are you taking the salve I gave you?”

It stunk …

He gave me an ointment too, made of street-protein and grumbly-grease and maggots and rotten eggs and rotten apples … and he had me rub it on my eyes, my toes.

Grunkis uses old knives he finds …

Old hypodermic needles, rusty old IV bag attachments.

He reuses everything, and he washes all his implements in a piss pot.

His office is an alley … lit by a few candles, if it’s not raining. He has green and jaundiced eyes, shaky hands.


6:42 PM

Over the entrance of the camps …

“All death is covid death …”


6:32 PM

look at how the last one is limping?

Seems like this has happened before.


6:22 PM

siren flood …

Some hemblick priest just cooked a dude with a .357 probably or a shotgun blast … or some dude drank too much gasoline and went mad and began using his bumpkit-meat hatchet before the sun goes down …

It’s after the sun goes down.

they mostly come at night


5:56 PM

The smell of cooked bumpkit-meat is coming in through my window. It has the scent of cooked pig, but off, something different.

No one talks about where the bumpkit-meat comes from or what bumpkit-meat is …

Old homeless dudes go missing, and then the next day FOR SALE, MEAT!


5:44 PM

You were marked by the ancient wizards of Glotch.

They picked you, above all others, to be the lightning rod for trobic-energies coming in from the galactic core.

You will carry the torch of Trov!

You will stand up against the Dragon of Pog.

You alone, cuz of your birthday.


12:03 PM

Psalm 104


11:47 AM

I live in a simulated reality.

And it is pixelating.


11:38 AM

I’m just a dude.

I have NO IDEA if space is real.

I just KNOW that “space” is not my main problem right now.


11:31 AM

I think this is all making me furiously anxious.


10:54 AM

I gave crazy speeches everywhere I went today … and I sang crazy songs at intersections.


10:15 AM

I’m so tired of the bullshit.

So tired of this techno hell.

And I so know I’m in it, part of it, using it, to type this nonsense.

But I’m so tired of it.

Because what should have been TOOLS have turned into torments.

And we build prisons around ourselves.

Bill Gates smiles.


9:42 AM

Raytheon rain is falling in #Seattle.

You can taste the endothermic compounds.

(and the aluminum finish)


9:35 AM

I just realized the only thing I’m really afraid of now?

A pointless death …

We all die … and many will die, have died … in this maelstrom of evil bullshit.

But if I die I want it to be a gesture, a FUCK YOU to Lucifer.

(so it’s a challenge for me to find that death)


9:22 AM

I sang a song outside Uncle Ike’s today about “viruses, wind and propellers” …


9:13 AM

“Design is wonderful, complexity is SHIT.” – Dr. Freckles


9:05 AM

We don’t have metal for quarters, but we do have metal for bombs.

(same metals)


8:51 AM

I was out today, it was windy, people were wearing masks …

There are winds in #Seattle today.

Why are people wearing their masks outside?

(viruses don’t have propellers)


7:16 AM

“Dan, the state can’t be stopped … and these riots are REAL.”

“Rubber cones?”

“That’s racist.”


6:50 AM

  1. Our solar system drifts through space endlessly.
  2. Space is not empty, there are stray gases.
  3. If gravity overcomes vacuum to create atmosphere? – then all these stray gases should get collected by the Earth.

So why don’t we have a Jupiter level of pressure by now?

or even just Venus Syndrome … or toxic gases that get collected … radioactive gases … if “gravity” can overcome vacuum … it means that planets should NEVER STOP accruing atmosphere.

and if some space asshole tries to say “well … it’s only 1 G”

Sorry asshole … ACCORDING TO YOUR BULLSHIT, the additional atmosphere (gases) increase the mass of the Earth … which means what? Space assholes?

It means gravity increases.

… but not everything is my point … there are still stray gases that don’t get absorbed …

(and it’s been billions of years man)

BTW: if Jupiter can shield Earth by “stealing all gases”? – then Jupiter could steal Earth’s atmosphere, over time.

  1. been billions of years
  2. you have to admit – the gas giants HAVE NOT stopped it all.
  3. Low mass gases in interplanetary space? – not likely to be sucked in, unless Jupiter is about to steal our Moon?

Or, you don’t understand how gravity works?


6:44 AM

Black Lives Matter commie freaks are “sleeping it off” (post smoking PCP) until noon … 3 AM – NOON .. the commie blunket freaks ares sleeping in their own fecal matter and suckling upon a rotten potato

At night? – that’s when they patrol.

So? – breakfast over dinner.


6:40 AM

Proverbs 27:1


6:14 AM

  1. The cops are commies.
  2. #BlackLivesMatter are commies.

Why don’t people understand yet that they are STILL SEEING NWO/Globalist orchestrated fighting?

It’s a tool of control.

It’s a way of sublimating the REAL outrage.

And yes: buildings are being burned, people killed.

  1. failed state scenario


  1. SASO/Peace Keeping operations

Key point: first the CIA destabilizes a society THEN the US “helps them” by sending in military forces.

(and why do you think Trump is rotating forces back home?)

(some won’t understand until it is too late)