Devilish Experts

“What the devil do experts know, except how to impress other experts?”

~ Harry Turtledove, American Empire: Blood & Iron, 2001

Experts may tell you that they know a great deal, but they aren’t paid more by appearing ignorant. Rather, their self-interest is to convince others that they know how things really work. In some cases, that is either true, or it is easily falsified.

For example, in the case of an auto mechanic, she might say that she can fix your transmission. If you pay her to do so and it works, you have a good deal. If the transmission does not work, however, the particular expert failed. Either they failed in a particular matter, or perhaps they simply weren’t good at the work. The consequences of failure may be borne by the expert, who would guarantee the service. So, one way of testing an expert is to see whether they stand behind their work. Will they pay the cost of fixing problems they cause?

Recently, experts have assured us that nCoV2019 is a deadly, virulent, terrible disease. They insisted that dramatic measures be taken, beginning in late January 2020 in Wuhan with severe travel restrictions. Of course, these measures came too late, as we now know. One of the experts who modelled the anticipated global pandemic claimed that millions would die and hundreds of millions be infected, again if dramatic measures were not taken.

To the shock and disgust of many observers, that same expert was recently caught breaking quarantine to spend time with his girlfriend. And, of course, the actual course of the disease does not closely match the model provided by the expert. Unfortunately for 33.3 million Americans now forced out of work and thousands of business owners forced to close their doors to the public, the expert who made all these predictions is uninsured for the dramatic liabiity involved.

Worse, none of the government agencies responsible for implementing procedures to shut down the economy are ever going to take responsibility for the harm they’ve done. They will claim, and the courts will defend, their usurpation of unconstitutional powers under the notion of “sovereign immunity.” So there will never be any justice.

One of the many problems which arise when the people in government determine to interfere in the economy is: the free market cannot be micromanaged. Every command economy causes hardship and suffering because it necessarily eliminates the one thing that free markets alone can provide: price discovery. Price discovery is simply the process of buyers and sellers shopping around and finding market clearing prices for their goods and services.

Free markets are inherently cooperative. All markets exist to find market clearing prices, and all buyer and all sellers are highly motivated to find those prices, strike deals, and clear trades. Doing so benefits all involved.

Governments, however, are parasites which tax, regulate, pick winners in the economy, and force losers. So the more governments get involved in a given kind of transaction, the worse things are for those in the market.

What we are now witnessing is the planned, forced, violent closing of businesses. People who have tried to reopen have been arrested. The Ector County sheriff’s department sent its SWAT team with rifles and an armoured personnel carrier to a local bar to arrest people who objected to these heavy handed methods.

Let’s go over some of the things that are in violation, and then we can look at why governments cannot succeed at the management of the economy.

People in government have now said that the sacraments cannot be given in any church, including the eucharist or communion. Singing is banned on the theory it might spread disease, without any proof. All restrictions on the freedom of religion are unconstitutional, and all politicians and bureau-rats enforcing such restrictions are traitors to freedom.

People in government have decreed that people are to be forced to stay in their homes, whether they are ill or not, during this plandemic. Doing so violates a number of rights. First, by putting people in custody in their own homes, the government is not building separate prison or quarantine facilities, and is quartering prisoners in the same way that imperial troops were once quartered by imposing them on American home owners. Doing so is wrong. Further, hotels and motels are being forced to house the homeless and refusal to do so has led to threats of confisaction. Again, the spirit of the prohibition on quartering troops is being violated.

Most important, everyone is being treated as though they are guilty without being proven guilty in a court of law. Trump rather piously announced some years ago that he wants to seize guns first and then provide due process, which has led to the passage of so-called red flag laws. The red flag in question is the flag of communism, and already people, such as Duncan Socrates Lemp, have been killed by evil police pursuing red flag arrests, police who will never be held to account for their criminal behaviour and treason.

Lockdown is cruel and unusual punishment. Private businesses being closed by decree represents the taking of private property without any compensation. The ninth amendment says that we all have rights that are not enumerated, such as buying and selling. The first amendment says we can peaceably assemble, including to transact business. The tenth amendment says that powers not delegated by the people remain with the people, and nowhere in the constitutions of the national or state governments is there any power to either suspend all liberties or micromanage the economy.

So, even if it could work economically, what is being done for the last few weeks, and what is supposedly going to continue for months or years to come, is treason. It is a terrible and pernicious violation of freedom, and anyone who disagrees is some sort of authoritarian filth.

Four Reasons It Fails

Why is the economy so suddenly and terribly shattered? Don’t the experts know how to do everything? Aren’t they qualified to call for the closure of businesses without any restriction? No. They simply cannot know how to manage all aspects of economic activity.

1. The economic calculation problem can only be resolved by free markets. You cannot find market clearing prices any other way. These facts were proven repeatedly by economists like Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Murray Rothbard, among others. All planned economies necessarily lead to tyranny to enforce whatever arbitrary provisions are imposed, whether price limits – which cause shortages which lead to secret trading – or prohibitions, forced closures, or other similar decrees. It is impossible to manage the entire economy, and every government that has tried to do so has failed.

2. Complex systems are governed by a branch of mathematics that examines chaos. A sign of a chaotic system is when very small changes in initial conditions result in dramatic and unexpected changes in final conditions. Complex systems are non-linear, and they fail in non-linear ways. Chaos mathematics describes strange attractors and other oddities. What we’ve seen in two months of forced lockdown is the dramatic end to prosperity, an end to the booming economy, and huge numbers of newly unemployed. The food supply is now threatened because the free market has been destroyed.

3. Incompleteness is a fact of life. Reality does not provide us with a complete logical system. That was proven many decades ago by Kurt Godel. His incompleteness theorem shows that every logical system has to begin with assumptions, with givens, with things that are taken on faith. Which means that there is no way to prove that the entire system is based on good ideas or on the shifting sands of expedience. You cannot build a stairway to the stars unless it is founded on bedrock. Building on sand leads to collapse and death.

4. Quantum physics is very strange. It is also the best understanding we have of reality as it really is. We don’t appear to live in a deterministic universe, but in a probabilistic one. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to predict outcomes. The idea that politicians and their pet experts can manage the entire global economy is arrogant conceit. It is also a deadly delusion.

What should you do with this information? Stop obeying. Stop trusting experts. They don’t know better than you. And they don’t pay any penalty for being wrong.

You have to choose for yourself whether you go to work, open your business, buy and sell, trust the court system for relief, work openly or in secret, live amongst karens and other snitches or away from them. As long as people were reasonably free to go about their business, cities could be quite liveable, especially those cities where people were free to buy guns and use them in self-defence.

Today, it is clear that you aren’t safe in a city. If you try to run a beauty salon in your home, one of your neighbours will rat you out to the pigs. Then you’ll have fines and possible jail time plus court costs, lawyer fees, bail money.

You might not be safe out in the country, but there are fewer neighbours, and many rural people are not inclined to snitch, preferring to live and let live. Not all, by any means, of course.

Trusting experts can lead to your demise. Choose wisely. Choose for yourself.


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