Glow-rec: cult of the glowing rectangle …

Before the time of the Sky Hawk Shaman cult, there was the age of No-Thing-Works

For hundreds of years, maybe it was decades, all the cool people were too drunk to know. Any who, for a long ass time nothing worked … tech didn’t get fixed … grumbliak hordes controlled most cities.

Apple iPad mini review: Small but mighty

A the beginning of No-thing-works, there were people who would sit and stare, for days on end, at their smart devices … iPhones … Androids … other crap … tablets … and just stare.

They would stare and sing songs and ask the great Sky-Tangle to give them back their rectangle power … but nothing happened … shocking. And they starved … it was bad.

After many years they descended into a cannibalism cult called “Fuck you, dammit …”