LSR Notes: 9/23/20

6:17 PM

Notes for podcast:

  1. The plot of Willy Wonka, movie, stories (we can talk about Glass
  2. Who is Willy Wonka? Who is Charlie? What is the Chocolate Factory?
  3. About Roald Dahl:
  4. What is a trickster? – why are they interesting, important … … secret knowledge, disobedience, normal rules … … teaching lessons
  5. How do we manage the “teach you a lesson” methods of teaching
    kids/adults … … must we sometimes be taught “shocking lessons”.
  6. Archetypes:


5:14 PM

I will be known as the “Mad Preacher” of the Puget Sound …

[scene: a tavern in Deer Harbor, post collapse, two men talking]

“You going out tomorrow?”

“Fer What?”

“Grinket meat, tumor crab?”

“Nah … I heard things …”


“They say the mad preacher is out again …”


4:53 PM

I am grungit-gang, Clan Jumptous, of the 4th Beleaguered Brigade of atomized vampire hunters and other tunnel freaks …

We form teams of 3 ..

One of us says “hey man, what time is it?”

The other two come from the sides, hit you over the head, drop your body in the Duwamish.


4:35 PM

Each day in Little Saigon now, I think: “is this the day I get into it?”

It’s falling apart faster … and I think if people believe this all gets “magically better” after the election? … wow.

As I type this one of the scrumbly freaks is screaming outside my window. #seattle


4:27 PM

all frimbic-realm thugs will be used as the first wave.

Bishops, wearing regal outfits, carrying mace – made of iron and bone, wielding steel pipes …

They will transmit spiritual energy frequencies 98.5 …

After they are done feeding on bumpkit-meat? – they come for you.


3:07 PM

there are crongo-hordes already here …

Most of them hangout in the greasier parts of town, under the docks, where the dead things are …


11:09 AM

After 1970?

Each baby would be harvested, eventually, for its vital proteins.

Abortion is just a question of “when”?

I will be harvested soon, for stew meat, for a bitter gruel.


10:05 AM

Jeremiah 29


9:40 AM

Time croutons …

They’re like croutons, but they travel through time.

“Would you like croutons?”

“Sure …”

“They are already there …”


7:55 AM

Money …

Gold is money.

Silver is money.


Whiskey is money.

A pack of cigarettes is money.

A flash drive with all of Beethoven on it- will probably be money, soon.

Many things can be money, if there is perceived value AND the exchange is SIMPLE.

If your “money” depends upon a lot complexity?

It’s not money … it’s a debt instrument.

Another name for complexity: DEBT.


When Powell prints money? – he funds crypto.

(let’s pull that bandaid off now)