LSR Notes: 9/22/20

11:25 PM

Habakkuk …


11:08 PM

If Mt. Rainier goes? – I think I’ll have about 30 minutes.

And that’s assuming we don’t get an earthquake too …

Rainier popping by itself would be pretty bad …

I figure I’d have 30 mins. Before the Lahar hit …


10:41 PM

Kittens …

What if some horrible monster only loves kittens, but not when they grow up …

So they just breed to have kittens …

And then kill the adult cats …

This is horrible.

Because kittens are so cute – and I think some people just want kittens.

This is horrible.


10:12 PM

I think about Pol Pot …

What our tyrants are doing? – is actually worse.

(and that’s saying a lot)


8:03 PM

“It is oft said: the Onion King that does the least, lives the longest …” – Dr. Freckles


7:09 PM

Think about the psychological warfare shit they pull after soccer games … foot ball bowl games and shit …

Those riots, in many cases, are synthetic.

Imagine the SHIT they’ll pull after each debate, especially if Biden looks like a muttering fool.

This could be interesting.


7:03 PM

The funken-folk are starting to scream again.

That ugly scream.

The screams of people who are asking a question …

The question: why am I here? where is the cocaine?

And soon will be bum fights in the abandoned lot nearby.

Soon I’ll hear the Coup de grâce, death rattles.


6:46 PM

As I watch the debates, if I do, I’ll be thinking of this:


6:42 PM

The debates …

I think I’ll watch for schadenfreude’s sake.


5:48 PM

  • first you get the “Just Egg”
  • second comes the “lice cakes”

caption: “take away the egg, man becomes sperm”



12:13 PM

I know I suck on the keyboard, and I should train more.

But when I come across a sequence of tones that make my mind jump in a good way?

And it was my fingers that did that?

It’s like touching the veil.


11:44 AM

Fun fact about me.

My best Christmas gift, as a kid?

Ruger 10/22 carbine, Christmas 1982.


10:33 AM

The sky looks almost nice right now.


10:21 AM

I was joking about wrestling sharks.

But …

What about “UFC Sponsored Grizzly Wrestling” as a topic?

Think about it …

Couldn’t do it here? – they’d let us film that shit in Russia.


10:19 AM

Social media is “potlach” at this point …

It’s heaping things on a pile that any discerning person knows will be burned: one way or another.

  1. through collapse


  1. through hyper-statism and censorship

It’s all Coastal Salish “toss shit on a pile” and set it on fire now.


9:48 AM

I will live off the greases of the street …

(and die as well, as well I should)


9:44 AM

My dad would go survey a forest, to make a bid as a logger.

And he’d leave me near some culvert opening, that formed a small pool. And I’d sit there, with worms and my pole, and fish for rainbow trout … me, my thoughts, trout.

Now? – memories like this are what keep me going.


9:28 AM

I wish I had some scrog-meat.

I would rub it with the oils of the tire store, the one that burnt down …

I would rub the dirt of the heroin lot, the urine pile, the rat cemetery …

I would have a Bowie knife in one hand, and a bottle of cheap whiskey in the other, and howl!


8:50 AM

Garbage dumps are underrated, as far as the apocalypse goes.

You have methane bleed off for energy – a very reliable source for at least 100 years post collapse (depending on the land fill).

You have materials to build things with.

The heaps are obstacles.


8:43 AM

If you are in the middle of NOWHERE …

And have NO EFFECTIVE MEANS of hunting, fishing, or creating shelter?

… and you find a clump of fishing line by the wayside?

… on the bank of a river or a stream?


If it has sinkers/hooks on it? – better.


8:31 AM

I can’t do the whole thing, but I know I could write songs and so other helpful things … like sing.

What about forming a Christian acid rock metal fusion band called “Jonamiah”?

Like Christian version of the Dave Matthew’s Band …

I’m serious …




8:28 AM

I slept on a “murder bed” once …

It was like jaws of steel.

Every time it randomly closed on me, while I slept?

I thought: “… this, too, is the U.S. Constitution … designed for failure …”

The COTUS is a murder bed you sleep on.

The COTUS is a steel mouth biting down.


8:10 AM

I’m a little bit of Jonah …

A little Jeremiah …

I think I’m Jonamiah.


8:02 AM

Given my luck …

Given my incompetence?

I will probably have my “shit together” the day the Earth splits in two and C’thulhu rises up and then he moons the Moon …

Right about that time …


8:00 AM

“If you think faith is easy? – you’ve never had faith in anything.” – Dr. Freckles


7:44 AM

“Lice cakes will have cinnamon flavoring this week!”

Screamed the trog-Lord to the slave crews of sector 67-H.

As they head to the sloppit mines, they could hear the trod-Lord, laying out priorities, discussing recent show trials, and noting those special folk … and death.


2:22 AM

The rule of 6 …

6 feet distance …

6 feet deep …

6 kingdoms shall fall …

6 warriors will die in battle.

6 eagles will rip open the sky.

6 flying monkeys for 2020:

  1. impeachment
  2. monkey herpes
  3. race war
  4. RBG
  5. Election
  6. ????

Sixth flying monkey?

— WW3 with China or Russia …

— Clathrate Gun

— A newer, worser, monkey herpes?


2:00 AM

Tap, tap, tap … on the window.

Xinder, or Hedroflex, or Beans

Demons that haunt, torment, tempt, poke, taunt, terrorize … and I can only hear the mad beasts of sector-4, and the Haglamite Witch Clan organizing scrumbo-freaks near Ballard.

Seattle is doomed, a commie hole.


1:41 AM

Obadiah …

(that’s a strange place to stop)

The vision of Obadiah


1:37 AM

Luke 12:22-34

Luke 12:35-40


1:30 AM

Psalm 33 …

Psalm 33:16 … “No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength.”


1:17 AM

this also means Youtube can direct an army of trolls your way, if they wish.

they can send scum bags, and fakers, and accounts that have zero followers and no graphics and just magically showed up.

This is why Google is evil. An evil beast. Commie sham.


1:05 AM

we are already under soft martial law in many places, and house arrest effectively …

(seems like they built the prison around us already)


12:54 AM

We are in the Schrodinger Lock-down state right now …

A lot of folks, even in “commie #Seattle”, are starting to disobey … simply out of survival … because they sense their health degrading.

I think this means something really bad is about to happen.