A prayer for the sick …

Lord Jesus,

Almighty Lord in Heaven,

You gave us these bodies, these vessels, and we are expected to cherish them.

You gave us our first breath, the light we saw and the eyes to see …

But there are many, right now, Dear Jesus, that are ill, infirmed, sick …

There are many who are run down from this time, and they are losing ground.

Lord, they cry out for your mercy, for our love, and for our help.

In this hour of need, let us pray for the sick, for those that suffer in loneliness. The Lord in Heaven is beside you always. AMEN.

Let us pray for those abandoned by their doctors, for reasons not understood. God will send you angels. AMEN.

Let us pray for the children who struggle for their breath, for their blood to flow, for each fainter day. That God might lift them up, and fill their lungs and hearts with the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Let us pray for the parents of children who are sick, and wonder why God has abandoned them. Jesus is with you. AMEN.

Let us pray for the friends, for those who care for the sick, for those committed to the arts of healing. Jesus will welcome you as healers in His name, healers of love, healers of science, healers of medicine, as long as this work is done in HIS NAME, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Let us pray that our friend’s sickness goes away.

Let us care for our bodies, these vessels, that God has given us.

That we may serve.