Blessed are the sick?

  1. ICS … 1980 or 1981 … J Geil’s Band … Freeze Frame … perhaps 1981 … meningitus … she was in class a few days before … and then she was dead. And I don’t remember her name.
  2. How this “pandemic” has impacted human touch. How the pedo-crisis/revelations have impacted human love, concern, for kids. How the race war has made us question our connection. How the mask has reduced us to NPC, to nothing but droids who are bonded by mutual self hate and disgust. This is important to discuss why?
  3. We heal by knowing people love us.
  4. We heal through touch – hugs, kisses, handshakes, voluntary, mutual, touch.
  5. We can heal, as Jesus did: through faith, prayer, love and acceptance.
  6. The miracles of God were revealed to us, through his son, Jesus Christ.
  7. The miracles of God are available through prayer.
  8. Jesus healed the sick …
  9. So can we.