LSR Notes: 9/20/20

11:01 PM

1 SAM 12:2

Psalm 101:7

Jeremiah 5


10:33 PM

  1. High amplitude.
  2. Very long wavelength / low frequency.

This is what I’m feeling right now, and for the past few weeks, and it’s getting worse.

And it’s not …

  1. stairs
  2. people fucking
  3. explosions
  4. helicopters

It could be VERY HEAVY VEHICLES moving on 12th – unlikely.

What is a natural phenomena that can generate HIGH ENERGY and LOW FREQUENCY waves?

(and yes, this kind of phenomena is related to earthquakes)

Magma slipping, and tension build up in various plates can create bursts of high energy, low frequency, waves.

Not quakes, ripples.


10:11 PM

Terrorists don’t attack during pandemics.


10:05 PM

I feel the “LEM”, like the “magic bullet theory”, is designed to be plausible, not functional or real or even verifiable.

Verifiability is NOT a priority for zealots of the NASA myth.

Less than 600 people have been to space. Since the beginning of “space” exploration. Weird.

The biggest problem with “humans in space” is verifiability.

You can VERIFY the shape of the Earth.

But how do I VERIFY humans in space?

How many people were crossing the Atlantic, in aircraft, 50 years after Lindbergh?


These are my options:

  1. space is legit, but the space program we see is not. Meaning: secret space program.
  2. space is legit, but humans can’t go beyond low Earth orbit (other than magically during Apollo). Too dangerous.
  3. They are lying to us about space completely.


9:39 PM

Buridan’s Ass?

Balaam’s Donkey?

Are orthogonal with respect to a discussion of freewill and God’s agency in our lives.

One dimension is the power of God. The other dimension is the power of choice.

A stubborn ass, and a confused donkey, greets us at the end of our quandary.


9:29 PM

His name is Charles Trexis …

He road with Teddy Roosevelt …

He carried the last of the dead men, into that cave.

He lied and covered up.

He fell below the waves.

His wife left him in 1948 for a gigolo named Tucker.

And you question the Navajo necktie?

You look askew?


8:57 PM

Stare with wooden eyes …

The smell of salt and old wood and seagull feces, the general aging of something so detestable that the tribesman turn away …

And I look into the mouth, and see the tiger fangs?

All I’m left with is busted bones, and misaligned understanding.



7:26 PM

The gungis watchmen are starting to chant and scream …

The sun is going down …


4:53 PM

fucking census fucks came by my door again …

(if today had been a different day)

One of these days they will come by on the WRONG day …

(I guess that will reduce the census count by 2)


1:05 PM



1 PM

Twitter …

(they should call it “Gas Light” … Gas Light Dot Com)


12:54 PM

Profile with a “mask” on the picture … (sigh)

huge trolls …

“your haiku sucks”


I am liberated enough to WRITE AS I WILL.

I do not need the permission of a CRITIC or TROLL.

I also don’t pretend to be WRITING POETRY or ANY FUCKING SHIT you’d want to read.

Don’t like it?

Don’t read it!


(but the trolls are dumbest of all)

(fuck head troll)

Just a dummy …

“Dan, you’re writing in the style of … [insert shit you think you know here]” …

No …

I’m writing like me dummy.

You’re the pathetic shit that doesn’t understand that.

But by all means: be a pathetic loser piece of shit.

I’ll just keep writing.


12:46 PM

“Special rules, for special fools.” – Dr. Freckles


11:26 AM

I think the $USD is worthless … we just don’t know it yet.

So telling me “#Bitcoin will be worth $20,000”?

That’s like saying “soon, #BTC will be worth zero”.

Tell me how much physical gold, today, is being traded, for bitcoin or any crypto.

(not how much nothing it buys)


8:25 AM

I get a donation tomorrow …

I will finish my church service today.

I will buy some beer and weed.

I will sojourn in this crooked Nineveh …

I will ponder the fates as the slave hordes suckle upon lies and gruel and heartless folly.

I will drink beer.

I will have weed.


8:19 AM

Anecdotally, the last few summers?

I’ve asked friends … “you have a lot of bugs on your windshield this year?”

They get scared for a second … and then switch topics.

I went into the woods in September, 2019 … QUIET AS FUCK. PNW forest … life should be noisy.


8:07 AM

Weird tremors in the building again … not sure it’s an Earthquake … just weird rhythmic tremor.

I know what that feels like.

It’s more like this: “It could be trucks moving REALLY HEAVY SHIT nearby.”

So heavy it’s creating “fill waves” nearby.


7:46 AM

Thoughts on the “Sky Hawk Shaman”:


7:41 AM

groups of people are weapons …

this idea of “non-violent opposition” is commie nonsense.

blocking a mom and dad’s vehicle path to the ER because their kid is sick? – that’s an act of violence.

So are embargoes.

So are sanctions.

Let’s escape this Orwellian lie house …

If I see a crowd heading my way?

I don’t give a FUCK if someone says “they’re peaceful”.

ONE FUCKING HUMAN IS DANGEROUS, but you can reason with one.


There’s no such thing as a “peaceful protest”.

It’s just degrees.


7:32 AM


7:16 AM

I think I have a future as a master hypnotist to the stars …

I will use my hypnotic powers to find the NAZI gold in Canada.

I will use my hypno beams to make women love me, lust after me, I will even insert post hypnotic suggestions that make them remember having an orgasm.


7:12 AM

In the late 90’s, when I was in the service …

“There’s no money for training, there’s no money for engine packs for the M-1s … no money …”

And then later I learn about the missing TRILLIONS …

So yeah: DOD/MIC is CROOKED AS FUCK … always has been.


7:01 AM

So you’re a Democrat AND a child abuser … wow … would have NEVER seen that coming.

And yes dumb ass: what you’re doing is child abuse, and probably elder abuse … you sick, twisted, piece of shit.


6:58 AM

My second Chapter on hypnotism: how to start religious conflict, stay the fuck out of that nonsense, so that the women are left only with you as an option.

(check my TL)


6:46 AM

“Communists love to break glass … Bastiat told us about this.” – Dr. Freckles


6:22 AM

I need to start writing my hypnotism book:

Chapter 1: That Hot Glance