LSR Notes: 9/19/20 (continued)

11:40 PM

You know how Jedi “evaporate” when they die … ?

Like “poof”, they’re gone?

Do you think that’s what happened with #RBG?

(Sith are basically Jedi)


11:36 PM

… furthermore …

What if EVERY SKILL of the Jedi can be explained by hypnotism …

When they fly? – they are hypnotizing themselves to have that ability … like “you can fly Jedi” … and they fly.


11:17 PM

Romans 13:1-7


10:13 PM


9:44 PM

Weird tremors, at night, for a couple months now …

It’s NOT “people going up the stairs” … I can tell the difference, I live next to the stairs.

It’s a tremor … shaking the whole building rhythmically …


8:30 PM

I have this dream of seminars … in Bimini …

Only single women, divorcees, rich …

And I teach the …

“Ancient G-Levels of Male Control and Eye Magic”

And I teach this hypnotism seminar …

But I’m also hypnotizing the women into loving me.

And this sounds like NXIVM.


8:18 PM

This is a question for the #WOMEN …

Would you buy a book on:

“How to hypnotize your man into marrying you?”

I feel like it’s 20k words, and I write it in 4 days … 8 if I keep drinking.

But it’s really a question of HOW MUCH do you WANT YOUR MAN to MARRY YOU …



7:55 PM

I could be Slortis Klig-Kleg,
he carries a keg,
a fine IPA,
to lie with all day,

Jimbonium whores covered in lace,
no grace,
just living for another crack whore miracle.

And I am leaving her,
and she is setting fire to my clothes,
and all is tears,
I listen to you pain, sorrow.


7:29 PM


7:24 PM

Where did Adam and Eve’s sons get their wives?

(who the fuck knows)


7:21 PM

The Gorgumack-Funken-Folk have a strange gift …

they give you a jar …
in the jar is a cactus …
in the cactus is a snake …
in the snake is a bomb …
in the bomb is a tiger …
in the tiger is a madman with a roofing hammer …
in the hammer is a smile …

(that’s nice)


6:42 PM

This is what I’m subjectively certain of:

  1. The Puget Sound ecosystem has degraded since I was a kid.
  2. Planes are spraying SOMETHING up in the atmosphere, I’m seeing it, I’m not blind.
  3. That these fires are NOT being set by low-IQ commies … FEDS are setting them.


6:23 PM

Keynesian economics is the most damaging force, with respect to our shared ecosystem and planet.

Printing money is toxic.

The knock on effects? – I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet.

The fires? – the physical manifestation of Gresham’s Law, good money destroyed.


6:02 PM

With respect to the Clathrate Gun hypothesis … Venus Syndrome …

If I had the money? – I would do a voluntary, small team, survey of the arctic. The truth. Not the bullshit.

  1. Take samples.
  2. Do this over 2-3 years.
  3. Cover N. Canada AND Siberia.

If I had the money.

I am certain I am being lied to, and I want the truth.

I read some stuff, a year ago about #GeoEngineering.

It mentioned “Venus Syndrome”, and what “they” would do to cover this up … to include both “spraying” and triggering large forest fires … as the final actions …

But after that you run out of options.

(read Shakhova)

About the ONLY THING you could do if the “Clathrate Gun” trigger were pulled?

Trigger some calderas … plural.

Yellowstone, that big one in Asia … just trigger all the caldera volcanoes with 50 gigaton devices …

That’s what you’d do if the Clathrate Gun theory is real.

Odds of Clathrate Gun, for me? – very low …

And according to “dimming theory”, if we make it another year … we are probably fine.

But, even if the odds are low … it’s a pretty terrible feedback. And the most likely outcomes would be horrific, catastrophic.


5:46 PM

We are in the time of the Kreglin Beasts …

Torglin, lord of Commie Butt Masters, will settle old scores.

Broad highways of sadness greet this crowd of merry makers, as #BlackLivesMatter sells cocaine and human organs and disarray …

But you know the name of Id, eh buddy?


5:28 PM

  1. Supreme Court nomination chews up news cycle.
  2. Trump wins.

If Trump is legit? – he should try to put through a nomination. Fuck this “he can’t” bullshit. #Obama did all KINDS of crooked shit … he said “I can …”.

So, if #Trump is real, there will be a nomination.