Decentralised Finance and You

“We envision a world in which all systems, management, charters, and performance bonuses are written into smart contracts and stored in the blockchain in an enterprise. Connect all the individuals and organizations in the house through smart contracts. We no longer need roles such as CEO, CFO, CTO, and our members are all over the world, we don’t even need offices, we don’t have utilities, nor going to pay for water and electricity. All choices and governance will be adopted through rules and incentives, we can avoid relying on the central authority or person, which can also greatly reduce the risk of fraud.”

~ Overview of Decentralized Autonomous Organization

This essay expands on and greatly improves an earlier essay published in these pages. ~ the author

Over the last twelve years, a great deal of thought has been put into the development of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are now many thousands of similar currencies. The market has valued them at various levels, and you can look up their “market cap” and other details at sites like if you wish. One of the vitally important concepts to come out of all this thinking is the smart contract, which has led to the development of decentralised structures for finance and for operations.

A simple way of looking at the opportunities thus created is to consider the “ringleader problem.” If there is a rebellion against authority and one or two people are the prominent voices, then the evil wicked authoritarians in government merely have to target those leaders. Take them out by killing them, or discredit them by a campaign of lies and persecution, and before long the rebellion is suppressed. Free people are again thwarted and the mass murdering baby raping cannibals in government and their baby raping cronies in giant multinational corporations are able to continue in power and keep raping, killing, and looting.

Decentralised finance or DeFi is a collection of autonomous enterprises, led by outfits like which provide smart contract systems for reliable lending. An overview here seems worth a look for people new to the ideas. One important take away is that a very recent estimate suggests that from $1 billion near the beginning of June 2020 it has grown in size to about $10 billion of value being lent and earning returns for investors, in various DeFi structures, as of September 2020.

Related projects:

Freedom Land
The goal of Freedom Land is to build a large number of communities on land secured by purchase. Each participant in the DAO is paying for a deposit on a long term lease for a home site on one of the properties. We will seek to purchase not less than 40 acres in any given purchase, so that an effective number of freedom enthusiasts are able to live near one another at each project. Once we purchase land, nothing prevents participants or non-participants in the DAO from buying additional land nearby.

Among our goals:
• Take the high ground;
• Get rural
• Have acreage that is agricultural use exempt from property taxes;
• Develop as participants move;
• Think strategically

We are not a real estate broker, we are going to be a leasing agency. We will purchase land and lease home sites through a structure such as a real estate investment trust, non-profit organisation, limited liability company, or other company as best suited to the particular jursidiction (nation, province or state, county or region) where we are buying land.

Our DAO will contract with lawyers, accountants, realtors, and other parties to provide strategic relationships with government tax authorities, government regulatory agencies (if any – many rural counties have none), utility services, road contractors (muh roads!), and others to provide long term usability to all DAO participants.

Freedom DeFi Software
Several of my friends, including Chris Boehr who wrote a book, The Liberty Project, on the concepts in building freedom communities which is not yet published, and Gator Greenwill, who started Eldar Capital with me back in 2016, are working on a smart contract software services company that will also offer full stack development. If you know people who code, or if you yourself code, please get in touch. I am looking especially for coders who can learn or who know Solidity, the main smart contract language for Ethereum – anyone with experience in programming should be able to learn it fairly fast.

Since there has been a ten-fold increase in DeFi, it seems obvious that many more billions will be invested in it soon. After all, everyone can see the bitcoin and other crypto currencies moving, and read the smart contracts and understand the certainty of getting paid. So more smart contracts will be written, and more new web sites developed, and we want Freedom DeFi Software to be at the forefront of providing those services. Right now most of our code team is based in the USA or Canada.

Back in 2002, I met Doug Casey at an event in Las Vegas put together by another financial newsletter writer, Mark Skousen. Doug and I talked about the work I was doing in Somalia with Michael van Notten, and I shared two tomes of business plans for those ventures. Later Doug said he thought I could write a business plan about anything. In June of that year, Michael passed away which for various reasons ended the possibility of active ongoing work in Somalia for me. In July, Doug and I met again at the Liberty International world congress in Puerto Vallarta. It was then he invited me to the Eris Society gathering in Aspen, Colorado. That happened in August 2002.

It was at that event that I met Kevin Wilkerson. He and I are still involved in Eldar Capital, and we’ve worked on plenty of other financial autonomy ventures in the years since then. Kevin and his associate Sean Daley invited me to work on the project in 2014. More recently, they have built and, good news, it is paying commissions.

I can confirm that today I requested a commission redemption from CryptoWealth for one of the accounts I manage in that system. So, the good news is, I’m sure it is working. And the better news is, that if you wish to get involved, contact me and I will send you an invitation link.

DeFi and You
What is DeFi? Simply put, it is people making person to person or business to business arrangements to place capital and receive a return on capital. There are many many sites offering these opportunities. Smart contracts provide the details of the different ways to invest. Billions are now invested in various DeFi projects. Payments are going out. Investors are investing and receiving returns; commissions on referrals are paid by some of these projects. People are getting paid.

What that means, to you, I believe, is that you can get involved directly without having to work with a bank and without having to have a stock broker, and without the state being involved. Financial freedom is coming, if you want it.

Since the world is now entering what Doug Casey once called The Greater Depression (which he anticipated back in the 1990s, by the way), and has hit the other eyewall of the hurricane that was the 2009 financial collapse, and hit it with a vengeance, you need to look to the future as being very different from the past. If you have been expecting that things will soon enough calm down and that things will go back to how they were in June 2019, I’m must inform you, that world is gone. After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, the people who have power over all of us became very upset and set about destroying the economy and setting up new ways to hurt all of us. After all, they are baby raping mass murdering cannibals who worship Moloch, and there is no possibility that those of us who know what they are can ever live with them being in our world, much less controlling our lives.

No, you are not going to vote your way out of this mess. Yes, Claire Wolfe was right in 1995 when she wrote in 101 Things to Do Before the Revolution that it is too late to fix things by working within the system. (I have believed for many years that the system is designed to work for the people who profit from it being the way it is, so they make sure efforts to fix it always fail.) By the way, she said in 2004 that it was no longer too early to just shoot the bastards, but, as you’ve noticed, there is not yet a concerted effort to do much bastard elimination, and, to be very candid, people who want to eliminate the bastards face a lot of difficulties. So, focus on your family and your community and your friends, the people you can work with, the people you can help.

I sometimes mention a French phrase “sauf qui peut” as I learnt it long ago. It generally is translated as “save yourselves” but it can be transliterated, word for word, as “save who you can.” I think we’re at that point in human history where millions or even a few billion souls will lose their lives. I’ve felt it was coming for many many years. We’ve all seen the signs. We’re now at the threshhold of those events, and, so, instead of working on shooting bastards, much as there are many who may richly deserve it, I suggest you leave that to others or to another day in the future, or leave it to God who is working in our world to make things better. Instead, focus on saving who you can. Save yourselves, your friends, your family, your neighbours.

DeFi is a set of tools in that respect. DeFi can help you make a better tomorrow. DeFi is about financial autonomy. It is ready, if you want it.

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