LSR Notes: 9/19/20

5:02 PM


3:01 PM

I think I should become a hypnotist.

I’ll write a book: “Getting Women with Hypnotism” …

But the funny thing? – it will be ironic.

(I will spend my nights alone)


2:57 PM

Am I Rang?

Was I elected last shroom lord of the minger-monks?

Did I stand at the great wall?

Against the swoiling mobs of mungis freaks seeking whiskey and jerky and pain?

I could have given up.

“You Rang?”

I was Rang before the priests became psychoanalysts.

I am Rang.


2:53 PM

I participated in the NPC War of October 2018 …

I created an army of fakes, “Slade Monkton”, Latina women of pride …

I was the caravan …

I was the gang of swarthy men, rambunctiously chasing busty women through the swamp jungles of Texas …

I was the single mom.


2:48 PM

Wookie King?

Lotsa bling …

Tegrumite gruel served to my ewok slaves – as wookie lust maidens bring me mead and wine and pot roast …

And the last ronin is serving in Hell …

And I can’t feel my arm, because I’m having a stroke.

Help me …

Help me, I’m #BIGFOOT.



2:13 PM

Inslee is the Maggot King …

Inslee is the Maggot King …

He was the Maggot King,
he stood high before the throng,
while they smoked there bongs …

He was the Maggot King,
he built a castle out of CHEESE …
Brought the kingdom to its knees.

He was the Maggot King.
He had a Maggot Wife.
He was a Maggot.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces run for 3rd term


1:55 PM

“Tomorrow may never come … just like your ex-wife.” – Dr. Freckles


1:48 PM

I am the witch of the forest …

But you know me as “grandma” …

I am the warrior woman who holds the shield and protects the hearth …

But I’m grams to you?

I watch you, at night … I look into your windows, trying to find the man who left me so long ago.

But to you? – I am grandma, grams, nana, the crumbling mumbler.


1:45 PM

I spent a year in a library, looking for the greater truths.

Rats gnawed at my flesh as angels danced and the students got me pcp for a better grade on that test …

I stayed there, staring at the Symbols of R’omolfra …

I stood there, looking into the eyes of Queen Xidala.


1:39 PM

I murdered Anastasia … in her sleep.

I met her at a discotheque in 1975.

She said she was the lost Romanov princess …

Her mind was on fire with cocaine …

Her skin was brittle, like paper …

I took her to my studio in Soho, and we played darts and drank old gypsy wine.


10:28 AM

Here is the proper definition of a TROLL:

Someone that doesn’t move on ..

If my words disturb you? – DON’T FUCKING READ THEM.

If my podcasts annoy you? – DON’T FUCKING LISTEN.

You are a troll if you can’t let go.

You are a troll if you don’t know when to stop making a point.


10:24 AM

For #MAGA freaks?

If #Trump tells you “take the vaccine”, after the election, will you? – I think a lot of you will …

If Trump says “we have to fight those evil Chinese, those evil Russians”, will you support that war?

How much death does it take to make the USA happy?


10:21 AM

Months ago I said: “they will attach money/jobs to the vaccine.”

Wait, watch, and see.

What will you do?

If you can’t pay bills?

If you can’t get food for your kids?

And you live in a city, like me?

What will you do?

Your kids are hungry ….


10:16 AM

it seems like we’re in the zone of “Wylie Coyote running off cliff but not falling because …” meta-stability …

And as long as the Wylie-Coyote-Meta-Stability stays with us?

(then all the strange attractors of collapse can be staved off a bit …)

(just don’t look down)


10:00 AM

Little johnny commie is not setting these fires – unless you mean “little johnny FED” …

Our government is setting these fires.
Our government is FUCKING YOU.

Many of you end up saying THANK YOU after being raped.
This is sad, pathetic, deadly.

Your government wants you dead.


9:54 AM

For example: if your current “health care” depends upon our system of healthcare? Our current neo-Stalinist OVERLY complex healthcare system? Then these are bad times. And I am sorry. Complex things, and people depending on them, will have a hard time for several years at least.


9:35 AM

BTW: if your system depends upon complexity?

It is BY DEFINITION fragile, in the Poisson sense: given time/complexity all things FAIL.


This is not a good time for that kind of “money” – money that depends on “complex things” doing ok in blackouts.


9:31 AM

… also ..

If your “amazing new currency” forces me to buy another new computer from the “Death Star Store” (amazon)?

Then I look at you, with the crooked eye, the same way I look at Microsoft and other fuckers.

Write great code – not bloated code that is too complex to work.


9:29 AM

If the “spec” for an application, like ethereum code running on your machine?

If that spec says “need at least 256 gigs of HD space”? don’t interpret that as “I can have a laptop with 300 gigs …”


(not how the real world works)

Ceterus paribus: take the spec, double it.


9:23 AM

If someone said “hey Dan, can you do some web work, some LAMP dev, some basic eCommerce?”

I have a computer that can be used for that.

Someone says “hey Dan, want some crypto work?”

I don’t have a computer with enough power, right now, and I can’t afford to fry the one I have.


9:20 AM

You can have reliability
You can have survivability

These are NOT the same fucking things.

Financial systems designed to support commerce MUST BE RELIABLE! – people’s small businesses, especially, depend upon this.

But reliable IS NOT the same as survivable.

(ideas at war)

the blockchain, by design, is VERY SURVIVABLE … which is great … if that’s your main concern: guaranteeing the absolute true version of transactions across a decentralized structure. Fine.



9:01 AM

We can have five different kinds of lasagna, for the chumlies …

We can monitor the state of your colon, and only shove fresh onions up it … if necessary, if requested.

We can make YOU, ewe …

We can make ME, mi …

We can sow the fields with dioxin trees and hazy tulips.


9:00 AM

high energy microwaves used to start fires?

That kind of energy can trigger earthquakes …

1:10 AM

this is the mask you wear if you want to be a sperm for Halloween.



1:05 AM

Your fist will be a hammer,
your hammer will be a saw,
your saw will be stuck in the skull of that dude …

Trent and Jorgis and Clemion will be the hunters.
You will be forest KING …

After 5 years in exile, you will rule for 60.

And you shall harvest a vrongo-surprise.


1:00 AM

A year ago: if I got a donation on a Friday night before 7 pm? – it was in my account on SATURDAY.

Then, suddenly, about 4 months ago, this changes … gets worse … more delayed.

(just random)


Midnight …

Now with RBG dead?

The krankus freaks of #Seattle, the #BlackLivesMatter commies? – they being heading into the streets …

Don’t be caught outside “walking while white” tonight …

They’re looking to beat a man to death.

They want the blood to dry on their rumpled furrows.

“Walking While White” …

(is that racist?)